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Will this convince you my vision was true?

by Paddy Tye, The Almighty.... and yes I have ID

25th August 2022

We'll Need a Starship

“Join my quest.”

“What is it you seek?”

“What you seek. What all men have sought since time began… the ultimate knowledge. To find it, we'll need a starship.”

Wait, Sybok has a ship now doesn't he?

True, Chariot of “God” was revealed when Paradise Lost was announced, and Sybok could always use Non-Aligned ships. But while one ship may be sufficient, more is better! Simply playing (or downloading) a ship to use isn't hard these days. But that doesn't truly tie in with the effort Sybok went to in luring the U.S.S Enterprise-A to Nimbus III. Simply playing a ship isn't good enough.

He wants YOUR ship.

That's where today's new objective We'll Need A Starship comes in useful. It seeds or plays on Nimbus III (or another Neutral Zone planet) and as your starting point might have been made fairly obvious to your opponent (“Hmm, you've seeded Nimbus III and The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree? Think I know what's coming here!”) so to prevent an easy lock-out, Sybok can nullify Dead End there. Your opponent should try a different approach to slow you down instead. So if you attempt using the requirements on We'll Need A Starship, you will need to repeat what Sybok did in the movie – use a small SECURITY force to hold 3 diplomats hostage.

Breach Barrier

But if you complete that mission… what a fun reward! A free ship from your opponent, downloaded there, commandeered, and ready to use! Opponent playing Borg? Take their spare cube and even staff it using [SKR] Sha Ka Ree personnel! The ship also becomes [CF] Classic Film era, preserving any bonuses like Take Us Out or special skills like the ones on Professor Scott or Commander Sulu.

And as you were probably going toward the Great Barrier Region anyway… how about a handy mission to attempt? Say hello to Breach Barrier, providing a second location in the Great Barrier Region (another broken link closed)! And if you use your newly commandeered ship to complete it, the points jump from a below average 20 to a really useful 40!

It's not an easy 2-mission win, but between Hostage Crisis, Breach Barrier and The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree you certainly have some interesting options!

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