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Paradise Lost is Tournament Legal

by Ross Fertel, Found

2nd September 2022

Paradise Lost, the latest First Edition set, is tournament legal today. Be sure to download it for your games! While the core of the set is Khan and Sybok shenanigans, there is something in this set for everyone to take a look at.

Analyze Rapid Terraforming –At first glance, this mission is one you might write off. At thirty points, this can easily be taken out of consideration. A closer look will reveal some skills that are easily found on your Mission Specialists and are skills you can build a deck of that type around easily. You could make this worth your while without too much trouble.

Charter a Space Flight – Range can be a bit of an issue at times, to the point where you might find yourself not able to get around as quickly as you want. This event will let you zip around without being burdened by a ship allowing it to go out and solve, maybe in the entirely other direction. You are limited to a non-aligned ship and only the printed value at that. Also, you have to wait until the end of the turn which might not be too much trouble since you know by then if you have solved the mission or not.

Hostage CrisisHostage Crisis – That range is not something to be overlooked, but if you can stomach it, the skills are not a hurdle to come up with. In fact, you can put your deck together and realize that you have the skills ready to go. The thirty-five points are appealing and there are enough ships to laugh at the range on your way to victory.

Kirk's Reading Glasses –Swapping a card from your hand to your discard pile; who wouldn't want this? There are stipulations such as it being an Artifact, meaning that it takes time to get out and is limited to to once a turn, meaning you cannot get too wild. There is probably a deck that is so tight you do not have anything to discard, but you can get a great benefit of a card that was very useful to you to the point where you played it as opposed to one that will just take up space in your hand for the rest of the game.

Refugee Guinan –Do you hate opponents using cards to go through your dilemmas? Do you pay attention to whether or not it has an Alternate Universe Icon? You will now.

Space Lab Regula 1 – There are a couple big uses for this facility. The first is as a Science dilemma magnet. Your opponent will want to make use of the gametext and the extra stops it provides. This will free you up not worry about the skill at other missions.

If you want to be underhanded, you can get rid of the station. That will take some work since there are few ways to do so reliably outside of a Supernova as you cannot voluntarily harm your own cards, but once you do, science dilemmas will not have extra potency any longer.

Either way, you can force an unprepared opponent to get off their game and put out some sub optimal dilemma combinations.

Unexpected Torpedo – This is optimized for the Classic Films Era ships, but that gametext is potent. After a few dilemmas, will there be anyone left to solve the mission? Granted your opponent can use another ship if not outright get rid of the tactic, but this can devastate an unprepared opponent.

This set would not have been possible without the efforts of Rules, Creative, Playtesting, Proofreading, Programming and Art. Download it while you take a peek the cover sheet and pack art.

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