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Paradise Lost Releases Today

by Ross Fertel, Untranslated

26th August 2022

Paradise Lost releases today with all thirty-six cards ready for you to download them. If you have been scouring all corners of the internet, from facebook, to twitter and even a youtube channel, there are still seven cards that are new to you today.

We'll start with Aranty who might not look all that great at first glance. There are a couple classifications, but one is very much weak sauce. Looking at his printed strength however will make you consider putting him in your deck. A natural strength of twelve is fantastic, usually requiring a Klingon or Jem'hadar and even then, it is not a sure thing. He will not solve all your strength problems, but he will help, and he has enough useful skills to warrant inclusion.

Kirk's Reading GlassesEver feel as though your dilemmas just do not have the stopping power you thought they would? Don't worry because Double Dumbass on You! is here to make the most of a bad situation. If you think you will stop eight personnel but only stop two, you can double that. Remember that the dilemma has to be the cause of the stop, but this can salvage even a late game mission attempt not going your way.

Artifacts are the most powerful card type in the game, and with good reason. The text of Kirk's Reading Glasses is simple in concept but opens up a lot of gameplay possibilities. You can take a card in your discard pile, probably one you've already used to great effect and would like to do so again, and exchange it for one in your hand, probably one sitting around taking up space and will not be otherwise useful in that particular game. It is limited to once per turn but is very powerful and ready for you to take advantage of.

The lone Klingon affiliated card in the set, L'Kel does not bring anything new to the table for Klingons, past or present, but you have a new combination of skills to plug up your holes. While the selection is not that varied, it does have potential for Salvage Borg Ship and Seek life Form, both fairly worthy missions for inclusion.

Miss Kendra has a lot in common with L'Kel in that she will help your Classic Film Cra crew with some skill redundancy, but she also is a waitress, thus far the only one with that icon, opening up a few more possibilities for those decks.

The Shuttle Galileo adds to the Federation's fleet. The range is not something to get excited about but another ship that can be carried and launched is. Just like in the films, this can help spread your crew our faster and make optimal use of your resources. You can ignore the Sha Ka Ree icon and use it as non-aligned as well.

Unexpected Torpedo, the final new card revealed today as you go down the list, boasts the best improvements in attack and defense for the Classic Films Era. The hit and direct hit icons are standard, but the damage marker offers more than enough to stop a crew if it hits at the exact right time. Every time someone uses a regular skill, they are stopped. Good luck making it through even a couple of dilemmas and solving the mission.

Paradise Lost releases today and is free for immediate download along with the cover page. This would not have been possible without the efforts of Programming, Proofreading, Art, Creative, Rules and Playtesting.

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