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September 2022 First Edition Ban / Errata / Watch List Update

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

5th September 2022

Welcome to the first Monday of September, and thus the article for the regular update to First Edition. After a big update in August, we have just 2 additions to the Watch List for September.

Errata Updates
There are no errata issued for today's update.

OTF Ban List Updates
There are no changes to the OTF Ban List in today's update.

Watch List Updates
At the 2022 European Continental Championship, winner Peter Ludwig debuted a new deck with the ability to win the game on the 1st turn. As he detailed in his report, the deck uses Empok Nor to download a large number of equipment. Then, it exchanges all of those cards for the rest of the deck using Obelisk of Masaka and Masaka Transformations. Finally, the deck uses Space-Time Portal to report all of those cards in a single action. Because of the sheer volume of card draws and lack of limitations, both Empok Nor and Space-Time Portal were added to the watch list earlier this month.

We have decided to take no further action (in terms of bans or errata) at this time. The general feeling of the players and staff is that this deck has significant vulnerabilities once it is known. Players can use Computer Crash, Referee cards, It's Only a Game, or Temporal Micro-wormhole x2 to defend against this deck. Because the deck is known and there are a lot of available counters, we have chosen not to act now. However, we do believe unlimited downloading and unlimited report with crew are problems, and will be working on solutions to them for a future update.

Programming Note
And that's it for September's update - just 2 cards added to the watch list. Our normal window for updates to errata, the OTF Ban List, and the Watch List is the first Monday of the month. However, because the October 3rd date is immediately before the 2022 World Championship, we will not be publishing any updates on that date except in the case of an emergency. Therefore, the next regular update for 1E will be Monday, November 7th.

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