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Customizable Boxtops
Downloadable Box Tops
The Continuing Committee is proud to bring you Seth Claybrook's series of downloadable box tops for the STCCG, both 1st Edition and 2nd Edition. Each of the downloadable files can be printed, cut-out, and glued to an OTSD box and give you a customized box for each of your decks. Check back every Friday during the 2008 Spotlight Series for new box tops!
2nd Edition 1st Edition
[PDF] 2E Bajoran Box Top [PDF] 1E Alliance Box Top
[PDF] 2E Borg Box Top [PDF] 1E Bajoran Box Top
[PDF] 2E Cardassian Box Top [PDF] 1E Borg Box Top
[PDF] 2E Dominion Box Top [PDF] 1E Cardassian Box Top
[PDF] 2E Deep Space Nine Box Top [PDF] 1E Dominion Box Top
[PDF] 2E Earth Box Top [PDF] 1E Empire Box Top
[PDF] 2E Federation Box Top [PDF] 1E Federation Box Top
[PDF] 2E Ferengi Box Top [PDF] 1E Ferengi Box Top
[PDF] 2E Klingon Box Top [PDF] 1E Hirogen Box Top
[PDF] 2E Maquis Box Top [PDF] 1E Hologram Box Top
[PDF] 2E Non-Aligned Box Top [PDF] 1E Kazon Box Top
[PDF] 2E Original Series Box Top [PDF] 1E Klingon Box Top
[PDF] 2E Romulan Box Top [PDF] 1E Maquis Box Top
[PDF] 2E Starfleet Box Top [PDF] 1E Non-Aligned Box Top
[PDF] 2E Terok Nor Box Top [PDF] 1E Romulan Box Top
[PDF] 2E Next Generation Box Top [PDF] 1E Starfleet Box Top
[PDF] 2E Voyager Box Top [PDF] 1E Vidiian Box Top
Box Tops Gallery
2nd Edition
1st Edition