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Christine Chapel, Medical Assistant
Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home
George Stocker, Starbase Commodore
Jadzia Dax, Communications Staffer
James T. Kirk, Original Thinker
Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer
Marlena Moreau
Matt Decker, Vengeful Commodore
Miles O'Brien, Engineering Staffer
Restricted Area
Richard Daystrom, Influential Scientist
Skeleton Crew
Spock, Trainee Instructor
The Traveler, Transcendent Explorer
U.S.S. Constellation, Dead Hulk
U.S.S. Constitution
Virtual Cards
Benjamin Sisko, Command Staffer
Christopher Pike, Bold Commander
Giotto, Security Chief
Hard Time
Helen Noel, Enterprise Psychiatrist
Hikaru Sulu, Loyal Captain
Ilia, Finest Navigator in Starfleet
Iota Geminorum IV, Relocate Polygeminus Grex
Kavis Alpha, Research Binary Star
Kodos the Executioner, "Anton Karidian"
Laurence T. Stone, Portmaster
Lethal Wound
Maranga IV, Ecological Crisis
Montgomery Scott, Experienced Engineer
Nilz Baris, Agricultural Undersecretary
Odo, Vigilant Staffer
Pavel A. Chekov, Experienced Adept
Pest Control
Polywater Intoxication
Self-Replicating Roadblock
Stripped Down
The Clown: Go Away
The Conscience of the King
The Weak Will Perish
U.S.S. Enterprise, Where She Belongs
U.S.S. Enterprise-J
Uhura, Experienced Technician
Unsavory Customers
Where No One Has Gone Before
Wolf 359, Last Stand
Worf, Clandestine Staffer