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Alien Abduction
Benjamin Sisko, Command Staffer
Captain's Holiday
Clark Terrell, Reliant Captain
Deploy the Fleet
Disgraceful Assault
Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home
Fitting In
How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
James T. Kirk, Highly-Decorated Captain
Matt Decker, Vengeful Commodore
Military Exercises
Mission Accomplished
Secure Strategic Base
Security Drills
Spock, Science Officer
Test of Wisdom
U.S.S. Constellation, Dead Hulk
U.S.S. Reliant, Searching for Lifeless Planets
Unexpected Difficulties
Virtual Cards
Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
Bridge Officer's Test
Christopher Pike, Bold Commander
Code of the Ushaan
Coordinated Counterattack
Covert Extraction
Flare of Rage
Helen Noel, Enterprise Psychiatrist
Hikaru Sulu, Experienced Helmsman
John Harriman, Captain of the Enterprise
Kodos the Executioner, "Anton Karidian"
Left Behind
Leonard H. McCoy, Experienced Advisor
Montgomery Scott, Experienced Engineer
Nilz Baris, Agricultural Undersecretary
Number One, Reputable Officer
Odo, Vigilant Staffer
Pattern Loss
Pavel A. Chekov, Young Navigator
Pest Control
Pillage and Plunder
Rigel X, Locate Mysterious Contact
Ronald Tracey, Delusional Captain
Surface Defense
Tacking Into the Wind
The Conscience of the King
Threading the Needle
U.S.S. Enterprise, Where She Belongs
U.S.S. Enterprise-B, Ill-Prepared Successor
U.S.S. Exeter, Fleet's Finest
Uhura, Experienced Technician
Underlying Influence
Vanishing Act
Willard Decker, Recommended Replacement
Worf, Clandestine Staffer