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Aaron Conor, Born Leader
Caretaker's Array
Joe Carey, Next In Line
Revised Doctor, Mass Murderer
Revised Tuvok, Evil Instrument of Destruction
Tuvix, Symbiogenesis
Virtual Cards
Alsuran Sector, Utilize Abandoned Relay Station
Angelo Tassoni
B'Elanna Torres, Straightforward Engineer
Brathaw, First Mate
Brave Words
Brian Sofin
Chell, Incessant Chatterbox
Cold Calculations
Discard By-Product
Emergency Evacuation
Equinox Doctor, Unethical Medical Hologram
Field Studies
Finding Our Way
Forcing Their Way
Harry Kim, Remorseful Survivor
Homeward Bound
Interspatial Fissures
Inversion Mystery
James Morrow, Survivor
Kejal, Radiant Mender
Kes, Experienced Ocampa
Last Stand
Marla Gilmore, Conflicted Engineer
Maxwell Burke, Arrogant First Officer
Miranda O'Brien, Proud Descendant
Neelix, Valued Guide
Noah Lessing, Driven Officer
Relentless Attacks
Repair Null Space Catapult
Rudolph Ransom, Devious Captain
Surprise Party
Thirst for Knowledge
Time for Action
To Rule in Hell
U.S.S. Equinox, Determined To Get Home
U.S.S. Relativity, Federation Timeship
Well-Prepared Defenses
William Telfer, Misguided Hypochondriac