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A Sight for Sore Eyes
Agonizing Encounter
Amanda Cole
An Issue of Trust
Assassination Attempt
At What Cost?
Charles Tucker III, Chief Engineer
Columbia, The Second Warp Five Ship
Daniel Leonard, Cautious Admiral
Daniels, Temporal Agent
Earth, Humanity's Home
Elizabeth Cutler, Eager Entomologist
Equipment Malfunction
Erika Hernandez, Comparable Captain
Formal Hearing
Gomtuu Shock Wave
Grav-Plating Trap
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Hoshi Sato, Uneasy Educator
Interphasic Effects
Investigate Derelict
Jeremiah Hayes, Diligent Major
Moral Choice
Necessary Execution
Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!
Personal Duty
Rescue Captives
Sean Hawkins
Secret Identity
Soval, Idealist
Stewart Rivers, Patriotic Engineer
Straight and Steady
The Dreamer and the Dream
The Edge of Forever
Tsiolkovsky Infection
Vulcan Tricorder
Where No One Has Gone Before
Virtual Cards
A. G. Robinson, Prototype Captain
Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
Alvera Tree Ritual
Coolant Leak
Enterprise, Damaged Starship
Fiona McKenzie, Experienced Corporal
Flaw in the Plan
Future Enterprise, Displaced Starship
Gannet Brooks, Undercover Operative
He Wasn't Nice
In Development
Inequitable Exchange
Instigate Dissension
Investigate Anachronism
Investigate Refinery
Jonathan Archer, Damaged Captain
Klingon Tea Ceremony
Lustful Distraction
Malcolm Reed, Damaged Security Officer
Phlox, Damaged Doctor
Pitching In
Show Trial
Surprise Party
T'Pol, Damaged Science Officer
The Captain's "Guest"
Travis Mayweather, Damaged Navigator