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Agonizing Encounter
And Raise You
Arik Soong, Father of Many
B'Elanna Torres, Straightforward Engineer
Berserk Changeling
Caretaker's Array
Chakotay, First Officer
Chula: The Chandra
Chula: The Dice
Delta Flyer, Innovative Vessel
Finding Our Way
Gateway, Historical Research
Gomtuu Shock Wave
Hard Time
Houdini Mines
Kathryn Janeway, Clever Captain
Khan Noonien Singh, Genetically-Engineered Nemesis
Malik, Devious Augment
Moral Choice
Persis, Loyal Daughter
Roga Danar, Decorated Subhadar
Rogue Borg Ambush
Seven of Nine, Efficient Analyst
Silik, Chameleon
Tactical Disadvantage
The Caretaker's "Guests"
The Dal'Rok
The Doctor, Emergency Command Hologram
Trabe Grenade
U.S.S. Voyager, Home Away From Home
We're Mutants
Virtual Cards
Ambitious Intellect
Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement
Chula: Trickery
Exploit "Drought"
Joaquin, Superhuman Lieutenant
Julian Bashir, Rebel Captain
Legal Inflexibility
Lending a Hand
Miner Revolt
Miner Revolt
Noah Lessing, Driven Officer
Occupational Hazards
Pawn Against Pawn
Polywater Intoxication
Rude Awakening
Setting the Stage
Sha Ka Ree, Quest for Infinite Knowledge
Shran, In Archer's Debt
Soul Searching
Staffing Shortage
Surprise Party
Tabor, Apoplectic Bajoran
The Seen and the Unseen
To Rule in Hell
Tuvok, Chief of Security
Udar, "Smike"
Waken Superior Sleeper
Well-Prepared Defenses