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Acclimation Drone
Back Room Dealings
Back to Basics
Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive
Borg Queen's Vessel, Borg Flagship
Borg Sphere
Computation Drone
Destroy Transwarp Hub
Evaluation Drone
Facilitation Drone
Five of Twelve, Secondary Adjunct of Trimatrix 942
Four of Nine, Heuristics Drone
Fourth, Neonatal Drone
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Harness Omega Particle
Invasive Drone
Locutus, Voice of the Borg
Locutus' Borg Cube
Moral Choice
Neural Transceiver
Neurogenic Field
Night Terrors
Opposition Drone
Preservation Drone
Racial Tension
Requisitions Drone
Research Drone
Secret Identity
Seven of Nine, Representative of the Hive
Tactical Disadvantage
The Phage
The Will of the Collective
Third, Neonatal Drone
Three of Nine, Tactician Drone
Two of Nine, Transtator Drone
U.S.S. Enterprise-J
Unexpected Difficulties
Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind
Unimatrix Zero
You've Always Been My Favorite
Virtual Cards
Adopted Authority
Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
Breaking the Ice
Connectivity Drone
Coolant Leak
Dead Ringer
Eleven of Eighteen, Augmentation Drone
Emergency Transport Unit
Flare of Rage
Frozen by Fear
Isotope Drone
Logistics Drone
Miracle Working
Nine of Seventeen, Multiplexor Drone
Particle 010
Pillage and Plunder
Pitching In
Quantum Drone
Rude Awakening
Staffing Shortage
Strength in Numbers
System J-25, Premature Encounter
The First Duty
Three of Twelve, Specialty Drone
We'll Never Know