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Acclimation Drone
Annexation Drone
Archival Drone
Assassination Attempt
Borg Cube
Borg Queen, Obsessed
Borg Sphere
Cartography Drone
Command Decisions
Compassionate Interference
Computation Drone
Evaluation Drone
Facilitation Drone
Hull Breach
Information Drone
Invasive Drone
Locutus, Voice of the Borg
Night Terrors
One With the Borg
Opposition Drone
Picking Up the Pieces
Queen's Borg Cube
Reclamation Drone
Recover Components
Regeneration Alcoves
Reinforcement Drone
Research Drone
Salvage Borg Ship
Seven of Nine, Representative of the Hive
The Will of the Collective
Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind
Wolf 359, Assimilate Resistance
Virtual Cards
A Taste of Armageddon
Adversarial Trial
Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
Ardent Predator
Chained Environment
Connectivity Drone
Covert Extraction
Duty Schedule
Earth, Stop First Contact
Eleven of Eighteen, Augmentation Drone
Hard of Heart
Left Behind
Logistics Drone
Miner Revolt
Paradise Found
Pest Control
Quantum Drone
Queen's Borg Sphere, Contingency Vessel
Standing Trial
Surprise Amity
Terminal Resignation
The Conscience of the King
The Nth Degree
Three of Twelve, Specialty Drone
Two of Two, Adaptation Drone