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Benjamin Sisko, Outlaw
Brennan Scott
Charles Tucker III, Competent Engineer
Don't Let It End This Way
Earth, Humanity's Home
Enemy Boarding Party
Hard Time
Hoshi Sato, Empress
I.S.S. Enterprise, Terran Flagship
Jonathan Archer, Covetous Commander
Kelby, Industrious Engineer
Logan Black
Malcolm Reed, Enthusiastic Major
Maximilian Forrest, Confident Captain
Phlox, Sadistic Physiologist
Preventative Repercussions
Seasoned Leader
Slar, Gorn Slave Master
Standard Punishment
Swashbuckler at Heart
T'Pol, Not a Slave
Trabe Grenade
Travis Mayweather, Opportunistic Sergeant
Tuvok, Coldly Logical Soldier
Watch Dog
Virtual Cards
Adopted Authority
An Issue of Trust
Ardent Predator
Dragon's Teeth
Hard of Heart
Hazardous Materials
Investigate Anachronism
Iota Geminorum IV, Relocate Polygeminus Grex
Julian Bashir, Rebel Captain
Jupiter, Test Experimental Engine
Kavis Alpha, Research Binary Star
Moral Choice
Necessary Execution
Secret Identity
Starship Defiant, Ripe for the Taking
Universal Translator
Weight of Command