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A Bad End
A Sight for Sore Eyes
Center of Attention
Charged-Particle Precipitation
Compassionate Interference
Daniels, Temporal Agent
Don't Let It End This Way
Earth, Humanity's Home
Elizabeth Cutler, Eager Entomologist
Enemy Boarding Party
Equipment Malfunction
Excalbian Drama
Fesarius Bluff
Final Adventure
Fractured Time
Full Security Alert
Grav-Plating Trap
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Hull Breach
Investigate Derelict
Magnetic Field Disruptions
Medical Tricorder
Moment of Doubt
Restore Errant Moon
Rogue Borg Ambush
Secret Identity
Shran, In Archer's Debt
Shuttlepod One, Reliable Transport
Shuttlepod Two, Landing Craft
Skeleton Crew
Soval, Idealist
Sphere 41, Eliminate Sphere Network
Stewart Rivers, Patriotic Engineer
Temporal Test Subject
That's the Last Time
The Dal'Rok
The Edge of Forever
These Are The Voyages
Tragic Turn
Tuvok, Coldly Logical Soldier
Unbelievable Emergency
Where No One Has Gone Before
Virtual Cards
All-Consuming Evil
At What Cost?
Charles Tucker III, Damaged Engineer
Enterprise, Damaged Starship
Hoshi Sato, Uneasy Educator
Investigate Refinery
Jonathan Archer, Damaged Captain
Karyn Archer, Displaced Descendant
Lorian, Displaced Descendant
Lustful Distraction
Malcolm Reed, Damaged Security Officer
Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister
Noble Intentions
Occupational Hazards
Phlox, Damaged Doctor
Slightly Overbooked
Spatial Interphase
T'Pol, Damaged Science Officer
The First Duty
Travis Mayweather, Damaged Navigator
Unexpected Difficulties
Unfair Terms