For other non-gameplay topics, especially those related to Star Trek and the Star Trek CCG, non-gameplay surveys, trivia questions and puzzles, constructive commentary and more.
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By bosskamiura (Thomas Kamiura)
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Interested in discussing First Edition, Second Edition or Tribbles, and would like to make some new pals along the way? Believe it or not, a lot of people just like you, want the same thing and they are waiting for you in The Dojo.

Each and everyday, new and returning players make their way to the game's premiere Discord Server, The Dojo, to meet other like minded individuals to discuss strategy and play the games they love!

Join The Dojo today, and Expand Your Power In The Universe!

The Dojo's Discord Channel - Join here! Then use this link here to access the channel each time!

_ _
We have 84 members VISIBLE online right now with 364 registered.

Hello Fans!
• Today, The Ancient One launches the The Dojo's very own book club sharing our first book, "The Federation: The First 150 years".
• Tournaments for 1e and 2e are live we well as April's Online Casual League.
• Registration links for May's events will be ready soon!

Feel free to reach out to bosskamiura for any questions, or comments!

Click here to see past Dojo Masters in The Dojo's - LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS!

Play Dabo! Winners - Season Fifteen
ImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage Image Image Image


While they can copy what works for The Dojo, they can't copy our success!
We are the House Of Ideas. Trailblazing since 2018.
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