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By Faithful Reader (Ross Fertel)
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While watching the series premiere of Foundation (highly recommended by the way) I saw Alexander Siddig in a guest spot. last year, Armin Shimmerman gust starred in the premiere of The Rookie.

This will probably not be limited to Deep Space Nine regulars but as the 2021-2022 TV season begins in earnest, we're going to see some familiar faces. Use this thread to let us know where we can find some old friends.

Some ground rules:

1) Regular characters only! I'm a big a fan of Andrew J. Robinson as anyone but this gets too crazy too quickly if we include everyone.

B) First appearance of a character only. Jack Quad stars on The Boys so instead of listing him every week, the first will suffice.

III) While the season of TV are murky, let's consider last Sunday, September 19 the start date.

Four) This is just for funsies. There is no prize other than sharing a sighting with everyone.

So have at it.

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