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By Faithful Reader (Ross Fertel)
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After doing drafts for both seasons of Lower Decks, we have another new series on the horizon. Star Trek prodigy will be the ninth series in the franchise, the third animated one and the second aimed at kids. Brought to you by the folks who showrunners of Tollhunters on Netflix, this will be the first entirely computer generated series.

We'll do a draft for this series' inaugural season.

All you have to do is pick two characters from the list below. You may not pick a pair already claimed. As the series progresses, you will get points based on what the characters do (or what their voice actors don, in one instance). At the end, we'll see who wins and there will be much rejoicing.

Emergency Training Hologram
Jankom Pog

With a premiere date of October 28, have your entry in no later than Tuesday, October 26.
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