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The Dojo's Online League is Star Trek CCG's premier online casual play group.

There are no ratings here. No hard schedules or required match-ups. No pressure to force through a full win at time for the extra VP. This is just a group of people who like playing Star Trek in all of it's forms. We see somebody we'd like to play and ask if they're up for something this week. We hop on Discord and ask if anyone's awake who'd like a game right now. And then we sit down and have some fun.

Maybe you're polishing up a deck for Regionals. Maybe you're trying to learn the ropes of online play so you can play in next month's The Dojo - Invitational Tournament Series (online Trek's most fiercely competitive event!). Maybe you've got some silly idea involving Barbering and Infiltration and you want to give it a try. Or maybe you just like the game and haven't had a chance to play it lately. Whatever you're here for, The Dojo's Online League will let you find it in a low-pressure environment with good chums who just want to have as much fun playing as you do.

Join any time, play any time. Try whatever, against whomever. You'll be fine as long as you always remember the motto of the league: Just play.

Abargar7510, 10/06/22, states for The Dojo's Online League:
The casual Online League has been vital in helping me return to play over the past year or so. I can test deck concepts out in a low-stress setting, and the other players are always more than happy to provide suggestions and feedback. Finding players that are interested in playing pickup games for the game of your choice is super easy, it's just a matter of tagging that player group in the scheduling channel and asking if anyone's available to play. These games are always a ton of fun and I'm grateful for the acquaintances I've made since I've started playing.

Professor Scott, 10/02/22, wrote this for The Dojo's Online League:
Hello Computer? Professor Scott's Log Stardate 10/02/2022 "The Dojo's Online League has revitalized online play. Thanks to it's allowance for casual play, it gave us a shelter in the storm during Covid, by creating a safe haven to test and collaborate when we could not meet face to face. If the League had not existed, many players might have been lost during those dark times. Kudos to Boss Kamiura for creating and maintaining such a wonderful oasis for the community." End Log entry.

BSCWOWbagger, 03/19/18, and his thoughts on The Dojo's Online League:
I joined The League just to sort of show my support and play a game or two in preparation for taking a run at the TK Invitational. Ten days later, I'd played five late-night games against four different opponents from all over the place, with no end in sight. The ability to pick whatever deck I wanted to play at the moment (rather than being locked into the same deck for 3-4 rounds) made it so easy to just hop in, try stuff out, and have some fun without worrying about VPs or ratings or slow play. It ended up being a bit addictive, and now I'm trying to get my whole playgroup into The League!

Lore, Director of OP, 03/21/18, remarked on The Dojo's Online League:
I signed up for The League because I believe online play has been an afterthought of Organized Play for far too long. TK's mantra of "just play" falls directly inline with my goals as Organized Play Director, and I want to support both sanctioned tournament and casual play during my tenure.

Speaking more personally, I love the idea that I can play games for either edition depending on where I want to get my gaming fix. There's no downtime between rounds in The League, and no constant battles trying to find times to play opponents with incompatible schedules. You just hop online and see who's available to play at a moment's notice. It's that easy!

Caretaker's Guest, 03/26/18, had this to say about The Dojo's Online League:
I always liked online play. It needs few resources and you can chat and play with nice guys all-around the planet without spending tons of cash. Just download Lackey, install the plug-ins as instructed and you are in!. No printing, no endless search for your cards, just enter your deck! I played Kev, Kris and Ken, Greg, Stefan, Jon and many other nice and highly-competitive guys, who I forgot to mention. Online gaming gave me the chance to improve my game. I learned from each and every game played. They were all nice folks and the chats and after-game-analysis were always awesome and insightful. TK reinvented his online game series and I am very proud to be a part of it. Sometimes health requires me to concede but I wouldn't miss it for the world. TK made online-gaming great again :) . You can play it for fun, test out your fun-decks, test out your tier-1 decks, everything you like. It crosses miles and miles of distance and is a great fun. I can only advise you: Join the Dojo and aspire to become a Sensei! I just wish the CC would support it more.

Great job, TK! I'll try to continuously be a part of it.

Commander Joe, 03/27/18, told me this during his first appearance in The Dojo's Online League:
I got involved with the league because I asked a fellow Andorian to teach me how to use Lackey and he suggested I sign up. Lackey looked overwhelming to me at first but I got the hang of it very quickly. As a relatively new member of the TrekCC community, I have learned a lot in less than a month of playing in the league. From casual games to more serious games, I am exploring different cards, trying new strategies and at a faster pace than I can with local tournaments. Don't get me wrong, this game is best when played in person, but as a less experienced player, I can already tell that the league is going to up my game to the next level. Thank you TK and thank you everyone involved with allowing this game to continue to exist!!!

If you would like to contribute a brief statement outlining your experiences, please PM me that statement and I'll be sure to share it here!

The League Of Champions!
The Dojo Online Casual League Winners - Season Three
Image ImageImageImageImage Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

What Are The League's Rules?
• Play either 1st or 2nd Editions! It's Ok to play only one edition or both!
• Play any format (as long as both players agree!)
• Play at least 4 league games during the league month!
• Individual participants will schedule games themselves!
• You're allowed to play the same opponent more than once!
• Normal online game time limits apply!
• Lackey and The Discord are recommended!
• Report results back to this thread in 24 hours or less!
• In order for a match to be counted, both players have to confirm the result!
• You are allowed to change your decks between games!
• Any type of Win counts as a Win. This includes Modified Wins.

How Do We Communicate?
• Use this link here to sign up!
• Use this link here to log into your account once signed up!
• Don't forget to download the mobile app!

What Is The League's Schedule Like?
• Starting the first day of the month and running until the last day of the month!

What About Prizes?
• Prizes will be in the form of an exclusive forum badge!
• One will be given to the player who plays the most games.
• In the case of two or more players playing an equal amount of games, the player with the most wins in the current month will be declared the winner. If there is still a tie, the player with the highest Lifetime rating will be declared the winner.

Forum Prizes
• 01 to 08 wins: a forum badge with pips!
• 09 to 16 wins: Earn a badge with a Federation banner!
• 17 to 24 wins: Earn a badge with a Klingon banner!
• 25 to 32 wins: Earn a badge with a Romulan banner!
• 33 to 40 wins: Earn a badge with a Terran Empire banner!
• 41 to 48 wins: Earn a badge with a Borg banner!
• 49 to 56 wins: Earn a badge with a Ferengi banner!
• 57 to 64 wins: Earn a badge with a Dominion banner!

(Every time you earn a new banner, you're pips reset back to 1 from 8.)


Discord Prizes
...And let's not forget about The Dojo's very own Discord channel! Wins here in The Dojo tournaments matter in the Discord channel too!!

• 01 to 08 wins: Earns rank of: Dojo Master
• 09 to 16 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master I
• 17 to 24 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master II
• 25 to 32 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master III
• 33 to 40 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master IV
• 41 to 48 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master V
• 49 to 56 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master VI
• 57 to 64 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master VII

...and so on!

This Month In Online Organized Play!
This Month's 1e Event
Pre-Reg here!

This Month's 2e Event
Pre-Reg here!

Special thanks to BCSWowbagger for the introduction featured at the top of this page!

Question, comments or suggestions? PM The Ancient One - bosskamiura today!

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March Online Casual League Updates!


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By bosskamiura (Thomas Kamiura)
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Congratulations to @Professor Scott for winning March's Online Casual League.

He has earned a new TrekCC forums badge and a rank in The Dojo's Discord server.

Thank you to everyone who participated this month and we'll see you next month!


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