The second Will of the Collective led to a unique equipment, designed entirely by the community!
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By Dukat
 - Delta Quadrant
My suggestion would be a rather direct approach to the matter.

[Fed] Title: Number One
Subtitle: A Tribut To Majel Barett Roddenberry

Cost: 1 (in reference to number one as well as being the first woman in command (or in this case subcommand) of a ship in the Star Trek universe)

[Cmd] [TOS] [Pa]

[SD] Leadership (for her being the first woman) [SD] Anthropology (because of the impact it had to have a woman in command; which was the reason the TV network rejected sending "The Cage")
Commander: U.S.S. Enterprise (if Christopher Pike is not aboard).
When you play this personnel, you may pause the game for a tribute, even in tournament play.

Backward Compatible.
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By MatsJn
 - Alpha Quadrant
I've been thinking that we could also play on the fact the Spock was the only character that was kept from the pilot.

Something along the line:

[Fed] Title: Number One
Subtitle: Voice of Reason

Cost: 2 (or maybe 3)

[Cmd] [TOS] [Pa]

[SD] 2 Leadership [SD] Officer

Commander: U.S.S. Enterprise
If present on ship with matching commander onboard, lose Commander: U.S.S. Enterprise to gain +1 in all attributes
If present with Spock gain +1 in all attributes.
(these two are cumulative)

Int[6] Cun[6] Str[5]

"Keep the alien, marry the girl"

(I know it's over, just having fun.)

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