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Director of Communications
By Neelix (Scott Baughman)
 - Director of Communications
Grand Nagus
A sufficient drubbing from MvB as I lose 0 - 100, oof! Excellence of Execution, sir!

Scott FL to Michael 0 - 100.
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Director of Organized Play
By LORE (Kris Sonsteby)
 - Director of Organized Play
1E North American Continental Champion 2019
1E The Neutral Zone Regional Champion 2020
2E Andoria Regional Champion 2020
W.C.T. Chairman's Trophy winner 2014-2015
Attention, tributes, attention...

Third round pairings for our 14 combatants are cited below. As previously stated, pairings will be announced in this thread on Mondays. Players have until the following week to get together, play and report the result. For this week, that means I expect you all to play your games by November 9th. Results should be reported here via forum post or via PM to yours truly, LORE. As a reminder:

- Lackey and a mutually agreed upon voice communication (Skype, Discord, Zoom, etc.) are required to play
- Rules/Banned cards in effect at the start of the tournament remain in effect throughout
- You may NOT change your decks between rounds
- Deck lists are REQUIRED - please send the deck ID number to me as soon as possible, preferably within the first two weeks of the event
- Wins, Losses, Byes, and Missed Games for un-scheduled / un-played matches over the course of the event will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Organized Play or an outside neutral party (if it involves members of the OP team)
- 75 minute time limit per game (players are highly encouraged to enforce this)

Second Edition Masters... of the Universe III
Format: Constructed
Card Pool: Complete
Rules: Standard

Round Three Pairings:
Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot) vs. Tjark Ott (tjark) - Stretcher Match
Julius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB) vs. Oliver Thust (bashircommander)
Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8) vs. Michael Shea (The Prefect)
Sebastian Kirstein (Caretaker's Guest) vs. Josef Lemberger (Old Kor)
Brian Sykes (Armus) vs. Jon Carter (pfti)
Scott Bauman (Neelix) vs. Martin Felber (Enabran)
Ben Rostoker (Gorgo Primus) vs. Greg Hodgin (tomalak)

Good luck to all! And may the odds be ever in your favor...
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Director of Communications
By Neelix (Scott Baughman)
 - Director of Communications
Grand Nagus
Scott defeats Martin 100-10 - excellent game, sir and a pleasure to play against you!

Scott FW vs. Martin, 100-10.
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