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Executive Officer
By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
 - Executive Officer
2E World Semi-Finalist 2021
Grand Nagus
2E North American Continental Semi-Finalist 2022
geraldkw wrote: Sat May 28, 2022 12:00 pm I got a MW 75-49 against Maggie. Thanks for the fun game!
A pleasure, as always!
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
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1E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
This thing close out yet?
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1E German National Runner-Up 2021
2E Austrian National Runner-Up 2020
Julius VS James

MW for James 95-85 - what a great mess :cheersL: :cheersL: :cheersL:
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 - Delta Quadrant
Grand Nagus
All results are entered and tournament is submitted to processing. Thanks for participating and I hope you had fun! Attaching your decklist would be nice.

Congrats to Niall!

I have heard of Memory Wipes and The Glöööckler already. Eager to see what else you all came up with!

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