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 - Beta Quadrant
2E The Neutral Zone Regional Participant 2023
Are there any 1E cards that are forward compatible? I know there are 2E that go backwards butt...
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By nobthehobbit (Daniel Pareja)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
There are no forwards-compatible First Edition cards that can be used in Second Edition, nor, as of some years ago after a community vote, are there any backwards-compatible Second Edition cards that can be used in First Edition.
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By Professor Scott (Mathew McCalpin)
 - Delta Quadrant
1E Cardassia Regional Champion 2023
Yep, 1E and 2E are as compatible now as they are with the Fleer/Skybox game, lol.

In fact the only cards that are compatible are the Tribbles and Troubles cards in the Trouble With Tribbles set and even then they are only forward compatible with the Tribbles game; no cards from Tribbles are backwards compatible with 1E.

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