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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Welcome to the Designer Q & A thread for the upcoming Second Edition expansion, Extreme Measures!

Here are the rules:
1. Keep the questions about Extreme Measures. The team will not answer questions outside of that.
B. Please be patient with answers. The team may not be able to get them to you right away.
III. This topic won't last forever. Shortly after release date the team will most likely stop finding answers.
iv. If the team doesn't know the answer or cannot find the answer to your question or doesn't want to answer your question, they won't answer it.
Five. Have Fun - don't spam the board [off topic stuff will be deleted] and keep things friendly. Ask questions. If you have comments use a different subject.

If you cannot follow these "rules," in honor of Brad, you will be sent to the corner.

Your design team for Extreme Measures:

Mr. Brad DeFruiter (Retired)
Mr. Charles Plaine
Mr. Richard New

Ask away!

By Jerad
 - Beta Quadrant
Ok first things first....


Second... Can I expect to see anything that would help out either capture or assimilation decks?

There are no Borg cards that help assimilation. I think the Cardassian personnel is useful in a capture deck. But there's also a Hologram-related card that either deck type will want to keep an eye on. -crp
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By Linkan (Torbjörn Lindquist)
 - Ambassador
1. Will we see any card that can be downloaded by:

a) Rogue Borg Ship

b) Jean-Luc Picard, Genial Captain

c) A Private Little War

One of those three, yes. -crp

2. Any missions with special text?

All of the missions in Extreme Measures have an ability. -crp

3. How many HQs do not get any personnel that can report there (not counting [NA] )?

Granted my math might be off, but it looks like there are two (2) HQs that don't get a non- [NA] personnel. -crp

Some questions to challenge the list makers:

4. Which letters are not used as the initial letter in any card?

I don't see any V-cards...in that way anyway. -richard

5. Can we have the third letter of card 3,6,9 and 12?

Right now (as I'm not positive we're locked; proofreading is in progress), it comes so close to spelling Oreo... I'm going to the pantry. I'll be right back.
Second Edition Creative Manager
By Triumph (Triumph)
 - Second Edition Creative Manager
How many ships do not have a subtitle?

How many personnel do not have a subtitle?

Combined, the total of the answers to these questions is 2. -crp

Are there any card types that take up an unusually large proportion of the set?

No more than one would expect in a "normal" expansion. -crp

Are there any headquarters which will not receive a non- [NA] personnel who can play there?

What card went through the most torturous playtesting process?

That would be Hoshi Sato. -crp

Are there any equipment with a keyword?

Each piece of equipment in Extreme Measures has a keyword. -crp

Are there any non-personnel keywords that receive special attention?

At least one non-personnel keyword is referenced at least twice. -crp

Are there any ships with [AU] or [Pa] or [Fut] ?

There is only one icon (except staffing) that appears on a ship, and it only appears on one ship. It's none of those three. -crp

What is the shortest subtitle on a card?

Probably Kira's. Maybe Richard will check and let you know. -crp

Troi has the same number of letters in her subtitle, but one fewer pieces of punctuation. -richard

What is the longest subtitle on a card?

"Leader" of the Cardassian Union -crp

What is the highest printed Weapons on a card in the set?

Well, I can tell you the sum of the ship's weapons in the set: 22. -crp
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By Mugato
 - Delta Quadrant
What is the most game changing dilemma?

If you mean like Legacy, I don't think there are any. There are some good, solid dilemmas though. -crp

What does it do?

A cycle of four dilemmas will help you tie your piles to your decks. A pair of dilemmas, including One Step Ahead, are low cost walls with a risk. One will be beloved by all capture decks. It's a nice set of dilemmas. -crp
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By Iron Mike
 - Delta Quadrant
1E Australian National Runner-Up 2015
2E Australian National Runner-Up 2015
If the Joker (any incarnation) were to play with one card (or group of cards) from this set, would he be thematically well equipped?

There's a card in here that depicts a character that reminds me a bit of The Joker. -crp

Answer in 800 words or more. :P

How about a spoiler instead? -crp

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By chompers (Steve Hartmann)
 - Delta Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
1E Australian Continental Runner-Up 2019
2E Australian Continental Semi-Finalist 2019
Who gets the love? Which affiliation / headquarters gets the biggest boost.

Bajorans! -crp

Any new keywords?

Sorry, no. -crp

Any card titles (excluding subtitles) that are palindromes?

Nope. But "Nalp eht ni Walf" is relevant to one of the "palindrome" card numbers... -crp

Anything that triggers of the discard pile? Or off cards that have been removed from the game?

Not that I see, no. -crp
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By nobthehobbit (Daniel Pareja)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
How many cards in Extreme Measures could have been in a previously-made team? (Example of what I mean: Geordi La Forge, Battleship Engineer could have been in the Battleship [TNG] team from In a Mirror, Darkly.)

None! -crp

What was the funniest playtest title of a card in Extreme Measures?

My vote is "Stone's Stone Stoned." -crp

I like the one that made jewelry sound like fish. -richard

What was the last card cut from Extreme Measures?

It was a personnel that would have allowed me to answer yes to your first question. -crp

What card in Extreme Measures had been in the design file longest?

I'm not 100% sure. Brad would know exactly. But if you look at James' (RedDwarf) signature, you'll get a clue... -crp

Wasn't Keith working on this set?

No sir. Keith is currently hard at work on Project Rizzi. -crp
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By mindmage (Ben Johnson)
 - Beta Quadrant
Any Romulans from Enterprise?

No sir. But there's a doozy of a Romulan from Nemesis... -crp
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By ZodoJats
 - Delta Quadrant
Is there anything in the set that directly curbs Starfleet?

If you're talking about a [SF] version of Moral Choice, no. There are some cards that have proven to be effective against [SF] decks. -crp

Is there anything that weakens Legacy?

Why would we want to weaken Legacy? -crp

Is there anything that revitalises the meta?

When was the last time you played Bajorans? -crp
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By Faithful Reader (Ross Fertel)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
Chef Riker?

Over my dead body. -crp

Any cards saved specifically for Brad's last expansion?

Given that we didn't know this was Brad's last expansion until it was almost done, I doubt it. -crp

Will my decks ever look the same again?

I don't know what your decks look like now. -crp

What's the overall theme?

Necessary Evil II -crp

Earthspace Nine help?

Yeah, there's a pair of cards they're really going to like. -crp

Faithful Reader
User avatar
 - Beta Quadrant
mindmage wrote:Any Romulans from Enterprise?

No sir. But there's a doozy of a Romulan from Nemesis... -crp
Romulan? Reman? Or human?
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By Faithful Reader (Ross Fertel)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
How many cards were not made by the design team?

None that I can think of. -richard

Believe it or not, the answer is 3. One made by each of our Make it So runners-up, and one made by the 2010 World Champion. -crp

Shows how much I know. When those appeared, I figured it was all Brad.

Brad's mysterious like that. -crp

S&S has a lot of perersonnel new to the game in either edition. How deos Extreme Measure stack up in this regard? What about new to this edition?

Between 30 and 60 percent of the new personnel in Extreme Measures have not been in 2E before. Between 10 and 40 percent haven't been in 1E either.

One of the universal personnel in new to 2E (but not 1E). There's a ship and captain that I don't think have appeared in either edition before. -crp

Faithful Reader
User avatar
By nobthehobbit (Daniel Pareja)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
Are there any reprints of older cards in Extreme Measures?

Why would we need those? -richard

To date, we've only done that in a virtual expansion once: Mark of Gideon in Infinite Diversity. We reprinted that card because it was exactly what we needed for that product. While we may do something like that again in the future, there are no plans. -crp

Does the Damage keyword appear on any card in Extreme Measures?

Not that I see.
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