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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Welcome to the thread where you get to nominate personnel that you want to see in the next set of tournament promos!

As I described in the original thread, the Department of Second Edition needs to get to picking the next set of tournament promos, which will roll out in January 2021. I thought it would be fun to have you guys do most of the work in picking this set of promos - so that's what we're going to do.

After the result of the initial vote on card types, we've decided there is going to be two (2) personnel in this set of promos. In this thread, you get to nominate personnel that you want to see given the virtual foil, alternate image treatment. Each of you can reply to this post with two (2) personnel you want to see turned into an AI foil. This thread will remain open for one week accepting nominations. If someone else has already nominated your choice, you can edit your post to make another one. Additional nominations for the same personnel will have no effect.

After nominations are closed, we'll post a series of polls to let you vote on the personnel that you want to see advanced to the final round. As we're limited to ten (10) poll options per thread, we'll have to do a preliminary round of voting and then a final - assuming we get more than ten (10) cards nominated.

Anyway, please go ahead and make your nominations. Remember, you only get to nominate two (2) personnel each - if you nominate more than two, I'll take the top two of your list. And don't worry about making suggestions about story and images - that will come later!

Here's a list of all of the thirty (30) personnel who have been nominated so far. Last updated 24 July.

Annexation Drone

Dukat (Cardassian Representative)
Dukat (Prefect of Bajor)
Macet (Skeptical Commander)

Anthony Braxton (Forward-thinking Recruiter)
Benjamin Sisko (Defiant Captain)
James T. Kirk (Organizing Crime)
Seven of Nine (Undercover Operative)
Sirna Kolrami (Famed Strategist)

Ishka (Moogie)
Rata (Privateer)
Uri'lash (Silent Servant)

Chang (Gorkon's Chief of Staff)
Gowron (Sole Leader of the Empire)
K'tal (Senior Council Member)
Kortar (Slayer of Gods)

Khan Noonien Singh (Superior Sleeper)
Kivas Fajo (Collector)
Lal (Beloved)
Martia (Duplicitous Chameloid)
Minuet (Jazz Lover)
Morn (Barfly)
Persis (Loyal Daughter)
Vina (Orion Slave Girl)
Yuta (Last of Her Line)

Data (From the City of Rateg)
Keras (Creature of Duty)
Shinzon (Capable Commander)
Shinzon (Devious Tactician)

Daniels (Timeline Protector)

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Director of Communications
By Neelix (Scott Baughman)
 - Director of Communications
Grand Nagus
Sirna Kolrami (I want it to be one where he's playing Stratagema!)

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