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Bridge Crew format does not currently have rules for how to handle no-HQ decks. The delay is largely due to the variety in how no-HQ decks work and who would get what advantages with the changes in rules from standard:

faux HQ mission: Ceti Alpha V
Reporting: only to Ceti Alpha V, requires To Rule in Hell
Alternate Victory: written on TRiH, irrelevant to BCF
Solves faux-HQ: standard Khan decks solve Ceti Alpha V

faux HQ mission: Prevent Historical Disruption
Reporting: wherever Relativity is
Alternate Victory: none
Solves faux-HQ: most Relativity decks do not like to solve PHD

faux HQ mission: Caretaker's Array
Reporting: requires Finding our Way, wherever Voyager is
Alternate Victory: four space, on The Long Journey Home or Alsuran Sector
Solves faux-HQ: Voyager decks like Caretaker's Array for easy points to spend and/or an easy space mission if solving 4 space.

faux HQ mission: Caretaker's Array
Reporting: requires Finding our Way, wherever Equinox is
Alternate Victory: I forget, is there a 4 planet Equinox win condition? Otherwise same as Voyager
Solves faux-HQ: Probably, although they're low integrity

Holograms (not really no-HQ?)
faux HQ mission: Grid 296
Reporting: can report to Olarra instead of HQ
Alternate Victory: none
Solves faux-HQ: No, it's a real HQ

Hopefully by now the issues are clear:

- HQs that are solvable would need to either be considered to have 0 points or the no-HQ player would be required to bring 2 missions only.
- The 2 missions-only route would hurt Relativity but probably help Voyager (if you're worried about not having enough points for your bridge crew, you could pair Caretakers with a big planet mission)
- Holograms can't report to Olarra without their HQ
- The format needs some way of handling the required events: Finding our Way and To Rule in Hell
- Four-mission alternate win conditions are irrelevant when you can only stock 2 solvable missions. It's a pity that the text is there to confuse people on the same card that Khan uses to report personnel
- The advantage of reporting to the ship adds nothing in BCF, so all of these teams are relatively weaker than they would be in standard

Initial solution
Without having the exact wording nailed down, I think I'd make every group start with everything they need to attempt missions:

- Khan gets Ceti Alpha V, TRiH (plus a ship and crew like normal)
- Voyager/Equinox get Finding Our Way and Caretaker's Array
- Relativity get PHD and Relativity
- Ceti Alpha V, Caretaker's Array, PHD etc. are considered to be worth 0 points and are not solvable

Your thoughts?
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By grandar
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I’d agree with this solution unless testing shows problematic. Reducing the starting missions artificially to 0 for the purposes of BC, and allowing reporting with the relevant cards seems to be the best route for now.

Alternatively, and in a similar vein, we could maybe slim down the seeds for those factions and just make a ruling that non-HQ factions seed at and play directly to their related mission, which is now unsolvable. Both ideas function pretty much the same, with the alternative just cutting down on table clutter.

Alternative 2: the factions seed and play at their relevant mission, but that mission is one of the available solves, meaning you could potentially have an easy solve, but at the cost of starting points.
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This has been in my thinking again since we are getting tons of new DQ cards.

I guess we need the following missions to be seedable in place of an HQ:

Caretaker's Array
Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement
Prevent Historical Disruption

And their points to be considered 0 + the missions unattemptable.

All the other rules remain in place - you need Finding Our Way/To Rule in Hell/ Voyager/Equinox/Relativity to be in play to play personnel and ships, and you have to use the card text that you start with (e.g. Caretaker's download) to fetch cards that aren't your starting crew + ship.

They can all report to their ships as in a normal game, but there's still the separation of play/draw and orders turns.

This will make gameplay for Voyager different in that they often want to solve Caretakers in most games but will not do so here.

For Khan the big difference is that they get a ship from the start in BCF, and Joaquin won't get to use his text. I think that's acceptable.

Any thoughts from anyone?

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