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Now that Hereos and Demons has been out for a few days I thought it would be a good time to start breaking down this new 54 card set made from the "glorious" CC's 2E team . How do you feel about the set? Not enough dilemma's? Son'a? No new Enterprise-E? Too much [Fer] ? Let me know in the comments down below. This weekend I'll be giving you guys my Top 8 - Bottom 8 on this set. Now let's get juicy!
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By TyKajada (Alexander Schmitz)
 - Beta Quadrant

Explanation for the image on Rule 45:
It's Lurin's Bird of Prey while attacking or trying to capture the Enterprise in the episode "Rascals".

I very much appreciate the cycle of [Fer] cards in this set. I am not sure about the whole battle theme but it makes me want to build a deck around it and try it out.
I see a problem though in purposely loosing a battle, especially with Stunning Reversal around. That's a high risk.
Omag is cool he helps setting the up the battle result you want.
Adding 10 cards beneath Ferenginar is alot. Seems like shotgun method rather than fine tuning your cards underneath the HQ. We now have tons of cards that place cards underneath Ferenginar but the main issue still persists:

Getting a card from hand reliably underneath the HQ. Happens to me constantly, I draw a rule I don't need into my hand and it's stuck there for a long time and I cannot place it underneath Ferenginar. The only way I know of is Rule 34, The Great Material Continuum or good old Rom. Both latter cards are either high risk (the event) or are prevented a lot (Rom). Hopefully Rule 34 gets boost with this.

Imho cards from hand under Ferenginar needs to be worked on, especially if you want to bring Ferengi decks down in size a bit..

Still I appreciate there's [Fer] cards at all.

(Edited as I mixed up some cards)
Thanks for the Ferenginar summary, I’ve never gotten in to them to the extent that I know what their main things are.

For me, I’m interested in the subtle boost of having a new species available to dominion. Also, a non unique with medical, which is often missing from my dominion decks. These cards won’t make it into a strength solver but I’m going to revisit dominion commodities.

I guess I’m a bit concerned about the milling possibilities, but at least you can’t play dominion Cardassia and Cardassian Cardassia at the same time, so if you want to mill with kraxon you have to do it over 2 quadrants.
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