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Which design do you like prefer?

Meh, no preference.
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By Faithful Reader (Ross Fertel)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
It's Wednesday! We're more than halfway through Since we are over the hump, let's look at a question!

Design has started to do a bit of a shift with the sets coming in the pipeline. Some will have a few subthemes in the set, such as how Heroes and Demons had a couple Insurrection sourced ones for Dominion and TNG, Battling Ferengi and Klingon Smugglers. Contrast that with Classification: Civilian which has more individualized cards, or at least not huge chunks intended to be in a few decks.

The intention is to flip between the two, for the most part at least. So you can expect a 'handful' set next with an 'individualized' one later. Both have benefits and drawbacks but which do you prefer? Use the poll to let us know. Revoting is allowed so be sure to tell us why.
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By GooeyChewie (Nathan Miracle)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
1E American National Second Runner-Up 2022
I voted "no preference," but it'd be more accurate to say that I prefer we get some of both.
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
GooeyChewie wrote: Thu Jun 02, 2022 4:17 pm I voted "no preference," but it'd be more accurate to say that I prefer we get some of both.
Likewise. All of the things is my vote. See sig.
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
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2E Cardassia Regional Champion 2022
I'd just be happy if I had any confidence at all that anyone on the 2e staff had anything resembling a strategic vision for the game.

Without that, this question is completely academic.

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