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Who stands to gain the most from The Menagerie?

Cardassian Dissidents
Genetically Enhanced
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By Faithful Reader (Ross Fertel)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
It's Wednesday Sunday! We're more than halfway through starting the week. Since we are over the hump, let's look at a question!

Last week: Classification Civilian: Questions from Bob
6-29-22 Mission Condition
6-22-22 There But for the Grace of Main
6-15-22 Starcorder
6-8-22 Forever a Thief
6-1-22 Handful versus individual
5-25-22Masters May 2022 Mini Stockwatch
5-18-22 Mad-Lib a Number
5-11-22 Fifty underdogs
5-4-22 Fighting NeuNeuDominion
4-27-22 Mad-Lib a Card
4-20-22 The Middle of a Man
4-13-22 Committee Follow Up
4-6-22 Sub-Optimal
3-30-22 Consistently Inconsistent
3-23-22Twenty-Twenty First
3-16-22 Clash of Classification: Civilian Final
3-9-22 Clash of Classification: Civilian One Two and Three
3-2-22 Hall Of Fame 2022 With a Twist ... of Fate!
2-23-22 Classification: Civilian Page Wars Final
2-16-22Classification Civilian Page Wars One, Two and Three
2-9-22 Yakety yak
2-2-22Civilian vs. V.I.P.
1-26-22 When is a card not Picard
1-19-22 Staffing Concerns
1-12-22 Consistently Inconsistent
1-5-22 First Things First

We have a new set coming out! Called The Menagerie, it focuses on five key components. My question to everyone is who stands to gain the most of these five. Note that although I have a poll, you are more than welcome to put in your thoughts on all five in ranked format below.
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By Danny (Daniel Giddings)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Flagship Captain
2E British National Runner-Up 2021
I can't help but think the answer's straight-up Cardassian Dissidents - I mean, they've got a whole new HQ.
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By monty42 (Benjamin Liebich)
 - Delta Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
2E European Continental Semi-Finalist 2022
  Trek Masters 2E Champion 2022
2E German National Champion 2022
I'm not sure there's a straight answer to this question.
I'm not even sure the answer is among the five choices.
My first thoughts about the final product were I need to build a [Bor] deck.
So there might be even more for people to look forward too... :shifty: :borg:

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