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Who made out the worst from The Menagerie?

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Bajoran prophets
Cardassian Dissidents
Genetically Enhanced
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By Faithful Reader (Ross Fertel)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
It's Wednesday! We're more than halfway through the week. Since we are over the hump, let's look at a question!

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A couple weeks ago, we looked at the latest set and wanted to see how each group fared, specifically who made out like a bandit. The results were a three way tie for first.

This week, we'll look at the opposite. Who got the worst end of the stick from The Menagerie? Did they get something the did not need? Did they get personnel when they needed missions? Did they get missions when they needed personnel? Let us know why.
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By monty42 (Benjamin Liebich)
 - Delta Quadrant
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2E European Continental Semi-Finalist 2022
  Trek Masters 2E Champion 2022
2E German National Champion 2022
*grabs popcorn
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 - Beta Quadrant
I chose AU TNG. Not sure about actual strength, but there is still a decide lack of flavor (IMO). When the difference between normal and AU Feds is just theme playing with cost, that's not flavor to me. Nothing about the YE feds aside from maybe the D itself make me feel like I'm playing a more war-torn, on the edge of defeat FED. And nothing about the parallels Fed make me really feel like reality is splintering.

Part of this is endemic to design choices that were made long before the CC took over. At least with the androids, the cardassian dissidents, khan, etc - there's a theme and it ties in flavor to the show.
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
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2E Cardassia Regional Champion 2022

Here's the thing. I don't hate the actual dissidents. There's some interesting stuff there.

But the HQ was COMPLETELY unnecessary and adds almost nothing to the game.

It's the Damar Resistance Cell LEGO SET HQ. The limitations in who can play there basically give you one personnel set.


Now, having crapped all over the LEGO HQ, I'll give some props to the Cardassian personnel themselves.

I like the Vornar's ability. Having a non-unique be able to download a unique ship changes some of the deckbuilding calculation.

Bronok is really strong... maybe too strong. He'll definitely see play.

Brun is really well done. I like the Arch+Transporters on a 2 coster to help with doubled Gladiators, and his ability makes for an interesting tradeoff.

But here's the thing.... I'm more interested in finding ways to work these guys into existing Cardassian (and to an extent, KCA) decks. They add more value there than they are worth with the new HQ where they can only play by themselves, and the flip side of the mission isn't worth that tradeoff.

I mean, I guess if you want Story Mode, it's there, but it's not doing anything for me.
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