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By Ausgang (Gerald Sieber)
 - Beta Quadrant
1E German National Participant 2021
Hey there,

I finally want to complete some holes in a few sets. I have a lot of cards to trade for, so it'd be much easier if you send me a list of your wants. Prefer trading within Europe (depending on intercontinental shipping costs).

Here's what I need:

Premiere (BB)
Matriarchal Society
Devinoni Ral

First Contact
USS Enterprise-E

Deep Space Nine
Access Relay Station
Seismic Quake

The Dominion
The Great Hall

Blaze of Glory
Ambassador Tomalak
Chart Stellar Cluster
Chief O'Brien
Donald Varley
E-Band Emissions
Fajo's Gallery
Gul Madred
Locutus' Borg Cube
Miles O'Brien
Riker Will
Ro Laren
Sword of Kahless
USS Thunderchild

Rules of Acquisition
Grand Nagus Gint
Kasidy Yates
USS Sao Paolo

The Trouble With Tribbles
100,000 Tribbles Clone
100,000 Tribbles Discard

Mirror Mirror
Commander Charvanek

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