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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
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1E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
Greetings, Trek Community!

A few years back I sorted my 1e collection and now I'm starting on the fairly large undertaking of sorting my 2e collection.

I'm sure I'll post a trade list once I figure out what I am still missing, but one question I had was whether or not there was interest in the commons and uncommons?

I have quite a few of those from all sets of both editions and if there's a market, I'm definitely willing to sell off some stuff to clear some space and add to my nerd stuff acquisition fund.

1E requests I can move on now, but 2e requests might take a bit longer since my collection isn't sorted yet, but if you're interested, and I have the cards, I'm definitely willing to work with you.

If this interests you, please shoot me a PM.

Thanks for looking! :cheersL:

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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
 - Delta Quadrant
1E The Neutral Zone Regional Participant 2021
I cleaned out my rather small collection, 2014-2015. Over the subsequent years, I've made a number of decks from my -- very limited -- surplus card stash. (My Impulse Speed decks were also built from that surplus.) I've not often dared share these decks -- they're not any good for the average 'veteran' player.

However, if there is any interest, I can make public my common/uncommon deck lists, and perhaps they can be made from Armus' cards?

In that way, people who like to play (or start out) with Traditional / real / physical cards, can have cheap decks that are legal (Open), and do function among themselves -- albeit not in an externally competitive manner.
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
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1E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
Giving this thread a bit of a necro...

I finally managed to sort through *some* of my 2e Cards, and while that project is ongoing, I'm pleased to announce that I have Common and Uncommon sets of the very-hard-to-find Captain's Log expansion.

If you look on CategoryOne games, you'll see that CL commons are going for about $1 each and Uncommons are going for $3 each (more or less).

Looking at ebay, individual cards are at least that much, and I don't even see any Common or Uncommon sets currently.

As such, I'm willing to offer up common sets for $30 apiece, and Uncommon Sets for $90 apiece. However, if you buy both of them together, I'll give a $20 discount, so you only pay $100 for the double set! That cost includes shipping within the US, overseas buyers I'll negotiate shipping separately.

I have 3 Uncommon Sets Available and 14 Common Sets available. These cards from pack to storage box 15 years ago and for the most part went haven't been touched since. I haven't graded them, but they're generally pretty nice.

In addition to cash, I'm also willing to take trade for any of the high end 1e or 2e stuff I still need, which is listed below:

2e Wants:

Necessary Evil "X" Foils
Guinan, Listener

Necessary Evil Rares
At What Cost?

Archive Foils
8A12 Wesley Crusher, Nova Squadron Pilot
8A18 Enterprise, Finally Ready to Swim

10A16 U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang, Modified Transport

14A5 Data, Tempted by Flesh
14A11 U.S.S. Prometheus, Experimental Prototype
14A14 I.K.S. Qel'Poh, Clandestine Vessel
14A15 Kronos One
14A17 Scimitar, Built for Only One Purpose

Decipher Promo "D" and "P" Foils
0D19 Agonizing Encounter - Premiere Series Essen
0D19 Agonizing Encounter (NO Premiere Series Essen)
0D21 Tragic Turn - Premier Series Qualifier (Do these even exist?!)
0D22 Getting Under Your Skin
0D23 Arridor, "Great Sage"
0D24 Nel Apgar, Temperamental Researcher
0D25 Serova, Warp Field Theorist

0P32 In the Pah-Wraith's Wake
0P36 Desperate Sacrifice
0P37 Mission Accomplished
0P38 Morik
0P72 Dukat, Military Advisor
0P75 Amnesty Talks
0P76 Fissure Research
0P77 Investigate Alien Probe
0P78 Protect the Escapees

1e Wants:

The Motion Pictures:
James T. Kirk (56 UR)
Dr. Gillian Taylor (92* R+) - [Fed]
H.M.S. Bounty (110* R+) - [Kli]
U.S.S. Reliant (126* R+) - [Fed]

All Good Things:
1 P Environmental Suit
14 P Colonel Kira
16 P Admiral Janeway
18 P Christopher Pike
21* P Miral Paris ( [Kli] )
25 P Uri'Lash
33 P Weyoun 6

Also, I still need to go through my These Are the Voyages and In a Mirror, Darkly sets, so look for those to be available soon!

Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

Thanks for looking! :cheersL:

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