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Howdy--Just putting in a quick check on CC to see if anyone wants these before I put them on eBay or the like.

Full sets:

Dominion: $215 (includes all 4 preview URs)

TwT: $75 (includes McCoy)

RoA: $50

Collector's Tin: $50 (small ding in back corner)

DS9: $275 (no Defiant preview)

Reflections: $250 (no URs, but does have all box/case toppers--I do have an UR Jean-Luc and UR Future Enterprise if you're interested)

Enhanced First Contact: $50 (includes all 4 overlays)

Mirror, Mirror: $70 (includes FO Spock)

BoG: $200 (no foil set, but the foil versions of Kang, Goraxus, and Kraxon are subb'ed for the non-foil ones)

First Contact: $130

I've also got a bunch of other stuff like QC boosters, Premiere Limited Starter, a full set of the Fleer TCG base game, and quite a few rares from sets not listed above. They're my non-playing sets so they're 99% NM, but I'll let you know ahead of time about any problem cards. Would prefer to ship to continental US, but international is doable. Thanks!
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Some updates:

DS9 176 card C/U set with starter missions $40
Premiere BB Limited 242 card C/U set $25
Holodeck Adventures 86 card C/U set $25
Premiere WB 1994 363 complete set $45
Premiere silver border 363 card complete set (no tin) $40
Alternate Universe 120 card set (no FE) $15
Empty TMP booster wrapper $5
Premiere BB Limited 363 card set $450
Dal'Rok Tournament Foil $16
Premiere BB Limited Starter deck $24
Q-Continuum Booster packs $1.75 each

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