For all topic related to legitimate STCCG trades.
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By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
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Grand Nagus
2E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
2E Wants
Archive Portraits
Improved Scenery
Mona Luvsitt Valet

DGMA Foils
Agonizing Encounter (both versions)
Getting Under Your Skin
Nel Apgar Temperamental Researcher
Serova Warp Field Theorist
Tragic Turn (Premier Series Qualifier)

Decipher Promotional Foils
Amnesty Talks
Desperate Sacrifice
Investigate Alien Probe
Mission Accomplished
In the Pah-wraith's Wake (0P32)

Virtual Promos/Foils
A Chance for Glory
Accelerated Aging
Adopted Authority
Data Lucasian Chair
Data Tempted by Flesh
Data, Loyal Brother
Enabran Tain "Retired" Spymaster
Finding Our Way
Gint The First Grand Nagus
Groumall Inauspicious Command
Ishara Yar Deceitful Soldier
Jean Hajar Nova Squadron Navigator
Jean-Luc Picard Starship Captain
Koval Chairman of the Tal Shiar
Orb of Prophecy and Change
Revised Chakotay Imposturous First Officer
Revised Doctor Mass Murderer
Shining So Bright
Shining So Bright
Tuvok Undercover
Two of Nine, Transtator Drone
Uhura Experienced Technician
Unorthodox Recruitment
Worf, Son of Mogh

Tribbles Wants
10000 Recycle
100000 Draw
1000 Cheat

... At Vic's Lounge
1 Bonus & Freeze
1 Draw
1 Fold
1 Go
1 Retreat
10 Avalanche
10 Go
10 Poison
10 Toxin
10 Utilize
100 Copy
100 Cycle
100 Party
100 Rival
100 Stampede
1000 Cheat
1000 Dabo
1000 Discard
1000 Reverse
1000 Roll
1000 Score
10000 Acquire
10000 BiJ
10000 Exchange
10000 Go
10000 Quadruple
10000 Replicate
10000 Reset
10000 Safety
10000 Skip
100000 Confront
100000 Dabo
100000 Freeze
100000 Tally

2E Haves
Archive Portrait Foils
Seven of Nine Reclaimed Drone
The Pendari Champion Electrifying Favorite

Necessary Evil X Foils
Jadzia Dax Problem Solver
You've Always Been My Favorite

X Collection Foils
Queen's Borg Cube (reprint, no X)

Virtual Promo Foils
Necessary Execution
Distant Exploration
Hajur, Veteran Fighter
The Play's the Thing
Back Room Dealings
Whisper in the Dark
Seven of Nine Notorious Scapegoat
Tragic Turn
Odo Bajoran Representative
I.K.S. Rotarran Ship of Tears
Temporal Misalignment
Assimilator Rogue Borg Vessel
Hugora Nebula Border Crossing

These Are the Voyages Rares
Charvanek Neutral Zone Commander
Gal Gath'thong Pride of the Praetor
Julian Bashir Medical Staffer

Necessary Evil Rares
Data Loyal Brother
Running a Tight Ship
Tsiolkovsky Infection

Call to Arms Rares
Locutus, Voice of the Borg

Second Edition Rares
Elim Garak, Agent of the Obsidian Order
Jo'Bril, Patient Schemer
Luther Sloan, Man of Secrets
Morka, Klingon Intelligence Asset

Tribbles Haves
VTP Promos
1 Evade
10 Replicate
10000 Swarm

Regular Promos
100 Draw
100000 Antidote
10000 Assimilate
10 Shift
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Executive Officer
By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
 - Executive Officer
Grand Nagus
2E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
Updated for a big acquisition of promos. Thanks Dan and Roxanne! Added a bunch of Series IV stuff that I think are pie in the sky wants, but who knows?

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