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1/18/21 Update. Sold all TMP cards.

Looking to trade 1E TMP cards
Updated 12/20/20

The Whale Probe 9R
Carol Marcus 41R x2
Commander Uhura 45R
David Marcus 46Rx2
Valaris 66Rx2
Captain Kang 71R
Starship Excelsior 113R
Son'a Battleship 124Rx2
Camp Khitomer 130Rx2

And from other sets ... 2005236102

Admiral Kirk 35R+
James T Kirk 56 UR
Chancellor Gorkon 73 R+
Colonel Worf 74 R+
Kruge 84 R+
Dr Gillian Taylor NA 92 R+
Dr Gillian Taylor Fed 92*R+
USS Reliant Fed 126* R+
HMS Bounty Klingon 110* R+

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