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Bulk/Single Commons/Uncommons - Any Interest?

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 11:57 pm
by Armus
Greetings, Trek Community!

A few years back I sorted my 1e collection and now I'm starting on the fairly large undertaking of sorting my 2e collection.

I'm sure I'll post a trade list once I figure out what I am still missing, but one question I had was whether or not there was interest in the commons and uncommons?

I have quite a few of those from all sets of both editions and if there's a market, I'm definitely willing to sell off some stuff to clear some space and add to my nerd stuff acquisition fund.

1E requests I can move on now, but 2e requests might take a bit longer since my collection isn't sorted yet, but if you're interested, and I have the cards, I'm definitely willing to work with you.

If this interests you, please shoot me a PM.

Thanks for looking! :cheersL:


Re: Bulk/Single Commons/Uncommons - Any Interest?

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2021 11:51 am
by SudenKapala
I cleaned out my rather small collection, 2014-2015. Over the subsequent years, I've made a number of decks from my -- very limited -- surplus card stash. (My Impulse Speed decks were also built from that surplus.) I've not often dared share these decks -- they're not any good for the average 'veteran' player.

However, if there is any interest, I can make public my common/uncommon deck lists, and perhaps they can be made from Armus' cards?

In that way, people who like to play (or start out) with Traditional / real / physical cards, can have cheap decks that are legal (Open), and do function among themselves -- albeit not in an externally competitive manner.