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By The Prefect (Michael Shea)
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I've posted a message about Atlanta Nationals here Subject: Atlanta US Nationals: US Nationals 2018 Held in Atlanta

I wanted to make sure anyone planning on attending Nationals is aware that there's been a change in plans regarding tournament fees.
Hello all,

I am so glad to see early registration for US Nationals in Atlanta.

Originally, and following the lead of John Corbett and Ben Hosp, I wanted to offer players the chance to play in Atlanta Nationals with no tournament fees. I had planned on covering all prize support expenses and table fees myself. Regrettably, I’ve just had to spend a massive (for me) amount of money on unexpected car repairs due to a batch of contaminated gasoline and I can no longer afford to follow through with those plans.

So, I wanted to let you all know that there will be tournament fees attached to the events. Fees collected will be used to cover the cost of the gaming space and the prize support. However, any fees collected in excess of those expenses will be returned to the players in the form of prize money.

I apologize for the change in plans, and I hope this does not change anyone’s mind about coming to Atlanta.

Opening ceremonies underway.

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