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:shifty: Can someone please explain to me why there are Honesty and Laughter? Thanks a lot ... :?

[DL] Honesty Draw a card. Until the start of your next turn, play with your hand revealed. At the start of your next turn, score 50,000 points.

[DL] Laughter Choose a player to discard a card, then choose a different player to place a card from hand on the bottom of their deck. If you did not choose yourself, score 50,000 points.

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By T-Ricks (Rick Kinney)
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Johannes Mette wrote:
Armus wrote:Because scoring points by going out is SO overrated.... :P

Don't forget Generosity.... :shifty:
F [Maq] [Int] K :? :? :? That's right Tjark had that too... 700.000 of 811k points just for that... what a garbage
And if you're playing Mirror, guess what - you can score some pretty good points without going out too! :thumbsup:

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