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2E Austrian National Runner-Up 2020
Hey everybody!

We've just finished the 1E British Regional tranformed into a one day online event - and it was a blast. Great event, great judge, great players from all over the globe, and some "rules" I would like to implement from now on (at least) for all the European Regionals tranformed to online events because of COVID:

*) Regionals planed to be played physically could be transformed to a 1 day online event.

*) Number of rounds should be put down to a "playable" level - like 3 rounds of 1E or 4 rounds of 2E

*) The TD should plan the starting time of each round IN ADVANCE like Paddy did, including some more time to be prepared for lunch, toilets breaks, IT-issues and stuff like that (so 1 round of 1E should be planned with 2,5 hours, 1 round of 2E with 2 hours).

*) Preregistration is required including telling the TD your Skype account.

*) The TD opens a chat on Skype and invites all the participants. In this group chat all the participants would see at what time the next round will start, pairings and stuff like that...

*) Lackey and some sort of communication is required (Skype is the best I have to say)

*) There should be one time clock started by the TD on the group chat. As for ruling questions the TD should have an extra clock for his/her game to stop it for those questions. Questions should be asked via PM on Skype.

That's all I can think of right now, more would probably come, but those rules make sense...

:cheersL: :cheersL: :cheersL: :borg: :cheersR: :cheersR: :cheersR:

PS: Come on green-badge haters, start hate me for those rules 8)

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