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After more then 18 months away from Trek in part due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and restrictions in place by the State and Boarder officials, Ferenginar Trek is back. The 2021 Regional is particularly cool as we will be giving out not only the 2021 Regional Prizes but also the 2020 Regional Prizes that were from last year due to the cancellation with the lock down that occurred.

Following CDC guidance, masks are encouraged for all participants and we will have Clorox disinfectant wipes to clean off each table before the next match begins. I will also have hand sanitizer available for those who wish to use it through out the day.

Looking forward to seeing as many folks from Ferenginar who are able to make it on the last weekend of August 2021 (28 and 29) at 12 PM.

August 28, 2021:
2nd Edition Regional 2021 12 PM ... ntID=11892

Fun Tribbles 5 PM ... ntID=11893

There will be Dinner between Tribbles games, the menu is TBD

Tribbles Regional 2021 7 PM ... ntID=11894

August 29, 2021:
First Edition Regional 2021 12 PM ... ntID=11895

Fun Tribbles 5 PM ... ntID=11896

There will be Dinner between Tribbles games, menu TBD, but will be something quick and easy.

Fun Tribbles 7 PM ... ntID=11897

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