The second Will of the Collective led to a unique equipment, designed entirely by the community!
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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
WotC II - Decision #9: What's The Story?

It's time to finish divining the Will of the Collective and put the finishing touches on the story for our card. As a reminder, here's the card so far:
[Equ] 5 Boot Yer Dudes
Order - If you do not command a Dissident personnel, choose one: stop two [Car] personnel present to place a [Dom] personnel from hand you do not command at your Mouth of the Wormhole; or, stop two [Dom] personnel present to place a [Car] personnel from hand you do not command at your Mouth of the Wormhole. You may do this only once each turn.
Now it's time to pick the story for the card, and we're looking to you for the ideas we'll present to the community. As an equipment, this card is representing a portable device that can be used by an away team - either on a planet or aboard a ship. These are the kinds of ideas you should be looking for.

While it's okay to think of image ideas and lore ideas to go along with the storyline concept, we're not looking for those things at this stage. We're asking you just to submit your ideas for storyline concept - a brief idea about what story this equipment is representing.

Before we go over the rules for submitting your storyline ideas, we want to quote the "story background" for the [TN] icon we mentioned a few decision steps ago:
First of all, cards with the [TN] icon are restricted to storyline from the six-episode arc that introduced season six of Deep Space Nine (and the very tail end of the 5th season finale, "Call to Arms." Specifically, the episodes "A Time to Stand," "Rocks and Shoals," "Sons and Daughters," "Behind the Lines," "Favor the Bold," and "Sacrifice of Angels." Even more specifically, only story from the scenes aboard the station in those episodes is eligible for [TN] icon love. Please note that this does not include any story from the occupation-era, when the station was called Terok Nor but was in orbit of Bajor. Remember that the name of the headquarters is Mouth of the Wormhole (Terok Nor), and you'll remember what storyline you can draw from.

But, while this is useful information to get you in the right mood, we won't be worrying about story just yet. As the [TN] sub-affiliation stands right now, they really only have two defining characteristics: the access to a lot of different affiliations; and, the Dissident discard mechanic. As it stands, Mouth of the Wormhole (Terok Nor) can natively report personnel and ships from six affiliations: [Baj], [Car], [Dom], [Fed], [Fer], and [NA].

Dissident discard came into its own as a strategy when Jake Sisko (Reporter Behind the Lines) was released in Necessary Evil. He is a great example of the type of card we're ultimately going to produce in this WoTC: a single card that enables or defines and entire strategy.

Other than multiculturalism and the Dissident discard deck, there isn't much affiliation or mechanical definition for the [TN] sub-affiliation. That means that there is a lot of potential to explore as we progress into this next step, in which we must refine the broad concept into something much more specific.
So, are you ready to pitch your storyline ideas? Here's the procedure for this step's submissions:

1. Submissions are due on or before MIDNIGHT (server time, GMT-5) on THURSDAY, 9 JULY 2009. That gives you just about a week from the initial posting of this thread.

2. Submissions must be sent via email to cplaine AT gmail DOT com (obviously, you'll have to replace the AT and the DOT with the correct symbols.)

3. Please, please, please make the subject of your email WoTC2 Submission, or you run the risk of your submissions being missed.

4. Emails should just contain your storyline idea, your real name, and your message board handle.

5. Each participant can submit any number of ideas, but each submission must be in a separate email. Please try and be reasonable with your submissions - it's better to send in two well-thought ideas than fifteen thrown together ideas.

6. In the event that multiple people submit the same (or very similar) storyline, all users that submitted the idea will get mentioned in the result post.

Once we receive all the submissions, our creative team will select a small sample of them for you to choose from via a community vote. (Give us some time, as this likely to take awhile.) Sound good?

If you have any questions, please post them here. Otherwise, we look forward to reading your ideas and moving forward.

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By bhosp
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deciusmaurus wrote:Any news on this? The deadline (9th July) was last week :?
They're trying to come up with more references to Doomtown.
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By Danny (Daniel Giddings)
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bhosp wrote:They're trying to come up with more references to Doomtown.
Doomtown? As in Doomtown?

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