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I was looking threw the card data base and came across Dr. Pulaski's card from Metamorphosis. I noticed that she downloads the Genetronic Replicator and I said "Ah, they must have fixed it". I was surprised to see it wasn't.

Easy errata ideas: Add "Once per turn" and/or make it so all personnel involved are 'stopped'. I like the latter best, but honestly both would not be a bad idea. That way the 2 Medical and the patient you are saving have to stop the mission attempt to use the GR. "Once per mission attempt" would not be bad either.

Just throwing some ideas out there, I'm sure you guys have had the discussion before.
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
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Preventing A kill is pretty strong by itself.

Maybe discard it to prevent one kill of a personnel present with your 2 MEDICAL

That's worth a card play without being too broken.
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By WeAreBack
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If Genetronic replicator had to be discarded, it would only be worth using when special downloaded into play. If I wanted to prevent a death on a once-per-card basis, I'd use Empathic Touch, since that requires no card play.

I think the appropriate level to errata this to would be that of Sickbay: Menagerie. Now that card is limited to [22], but it also allows you to counter Ceti Eel and Borg assimilation and only requires one MEDICAL, who you have to stop in order to do it. You can also use Sickbay only a ship, whereas Genetronic Replicators is limited to only being used by an away team. (This never made sense to me. Martin: "Hey, Toby did you bring that fancy new the genetronic replicator down to the planet?" Toby Russel: "You mean that fancy new experimental thing the size of a table I use in the operating room? Sure, it's in my pocket!") If anything, changing Genetronic replicators to work ONLY on ships would make it less powerful (since many more"kill" dilemmas are planet only than space only) and would make sense. (Even in the TV episode, Worf is injured on the ship, not on a planet.)

Limiting genetronic replicators to thrice per game or once a turn and requiring stopping would make it on par or slightly worse than Sickbay. Remember, unlike Sickbay it is subject to Kevin Uxbridge.

This raises a rules question I had not thought of involving Sickbay -- if I fail to overcome a dilemma that kills a personnel (let's say Aggressive Behavior) can I use Sickbay: Menagerie to save the victim, or am I unable to do that because the MEDICAL who is on the ship is stopped by a dilemma, and so can't be stopped to do the saving? Does it change the outcome if the personnel who is killed dies as the result of a tactic that is placed as a result from the ship being damaged by the dilemma?
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Genetronic Replicator is a peice of [1E-TNG] technology, not [22]. I do like the ship only idea.

I think if it stops all of the personnel involved, that's a pretty good price. You might save your personnel, but having two or more personnel stopped could prevent you from completing the mission. A [1E-TNG] personnel requirement wouldn't hurt either. That would prevent it from showing up in [22] , [CF] , and [TOS] .

Just tossing around ideas so they might fix it.
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