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By jrch5618
 - Delta Quadrant
This is my long-running errata list project that I'm working on fixing up.

Added text will be bolded. Removed text will be crossed out. Only the portion of the card directly affected by the errata will be detailed. Cards will be sorted by card type and affiliation.

By card type, there are 5 artifacts, 32 dilemmas, 10 doorways, 9 equipment, 26 events, 15 facilities, 30 incidents, 33 interrupts, 24 missions, 15 objectives, 55 personnel, 2 Q cards, 12 ships, 2 sites, 2 tactics, and 4 time locations for a grand total of 275 errata. Wow.

I am adding a complete before-and-after gametext and the date of errata issued, compliments of BCSWowbagger.

The errata list is now hosted on Google Docs listed here: ... XtW0M/edit

(Tip - on Google Docs, go to View -> Document Outline and you'll see all the card types as headers for easy access.)
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By jrch5618
 - Delta Quadrant
List of cards with errata:
[Art] Artifacts (5)
Interphase Generator
Ressikan Flute
Zefram Cochrane's Telescope

[D] Dilemmas (32)
Alien Abduction
Ankari "Spirits"
Armus - Skin of Evil
Balancing Act
Birth of "Junior"
Borg Ship
Chinese Finger Puzzle
Clan People
Edo Probe
NEW! Enemies of the State
Female's Love Interest
Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow
Frame of Mind
Male's Love Interest
Menthar Booby Trap
Mimetic Simbiot
Phased Matter
Radioactive Garbage Scow
REM Fatigue Hallucinations
Spatial Rift
Tarellian Plague Ship
The Sheliak
The Weak Will Perish
Thought Fire
Tsiolkovshy Infection
Two-Dimensional Creatures
Wind Dancer
Your Galaxy is Impure

[Door] Doorways (10)
Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe
Barzan Wormhole
Devidian Door
Dyson Sphere Door
Holodeck Door
Launch Portal
Ready Room Door
Temporal Benefactor
Temporal Vortex
Transwarp Network Gateway

[Equ] Equipment (9)
NEW! Classic Communicator
NEW! Classic Tricorder
NEW! Classic Medical Tricorder
NEW! Mission Briefing PADD
Multidimensional Transport Device
Starfleet Phaser Pistol
Starfleet Type II Phaser
NEW! Vulcan Tricorder
UPDATED! Vulcan Tricorder

[Evt] Events (26)
Ancestral Vision
Anti-Time Anomaly
Atmospheric Ionization
Baryon Buildup
Bynars Weapon Enhancement
Captain's Log
Distortion Field
Fair Play
NEW! Five-Year Mission
Habit of Disappearing
Intermix Ratio
Klim Dokachin
Lower Decks
Memory Wipe
Metaphasic Shields
Mirror Image
Nutational Shields
Red Alert!
Revisionist History
Revolving Door
Rishon Uxbridge
Temporal Shifting
The Next Emanation
Treaty: Romulan/Vulcan
Yellow Alert

[Baj] Facilities: Bajoran (1)
Bajoran Outpost

[Bor] Facilities: Borg (1)
Borg Outpost

[Car] Facilities: Cardassian (2)
Cardassian Outpost

[Dom] Facilities: Dominion (2)
Primary Supply Depot
Remote Supply Depot

[Fed] Facilities: Federation (1)
Federation Outpost

[Fed] [Car] Facilities: Federation/Cardassian (1)
Klaestron Outpost

[Fer] Facilities: Ferengi (1)
Ferengi Outpost

[Kli] Facilities: Klingon (1)
Klingon Outpost

[Neu] Facilities: Neutral (2)
Neutral Outpost

[NA] Facilities: Non-Aligned (1)
Husnock Outpost

[Rom] Facilities: Romulan (1)
Romulan Outpost

[SF] Facilities: Starfleet (1)
Seat of Starfleet

[Inc] Incidents (30)
Access Denied
Alliance for Global Unity
Attention All Hands
Blood Oath
Caretaker's Array
Continuing Mission
Cross-Quadrant Expansion
Cybernetics Expertise
Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission
Ferengi Military Operations
For the Sisko
Hirogen Hunt
Holoprogram: The Fortress of Doom
IDIC: Power of the High Command
IDIC: Wisdom of Surak
Intruder Alert!
Kobayashi Maru Scenario
maH nIv
Mercenary Raiders
Obelisk of Masaka
Panel Overload
Q the Referee
Release This Pain
Relics of the Chase
The Final Frontier
The Kazon Collective
The Viidian Sodality
War Council
Where Opportunities Are Made

[Int] Interrupts (33)
A Change of Plans
Adapt: Negate Obstruction
Amanda Rogers
Auto-Destruct Sequence
Beyond the Subatomic
Brain Drain
Data, Keep Dealing
Disruptor Overload
Distortion of Space/Time Continuum
Emergency Transporter Armbands
End Transmission
Full Planet Scan
Going to the Top
Kevin Uxbridge
Latinum Payoff
Loss of Orbital Stability
Phaser Burns
Scorched Hand
Senior Staff Meeting
Sense the Borg
Temporal Rift
Temporal Wake
The Juggler
The Wake of the Borg
Thine Own Self
Vulcan Mindmeld
Vulcan Nerve Pinch

[S] Missions (24)
Battle of Sector 001
Cargo Rendezvous
Cloaked Mission
Covert Installation
Diplomatic Conference
Disrupt Alliance
Espionage Mission
Explore Typhon Expanse
Iconia Investigation
Investigate "Shattered Space"
Investigate Sighting
Investigate Time Continuum
Khitomer Research
Mine Dilithium
Oppress Population
Patrol Neutral Zone
Reported Activity
Search for Rebels
Strategic Diversion
The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree
Wormhole Negotiations

[Obj] Objectives (15)
Assign Mission Specialists
Assimilate Homeworld
Assimilate Planet
Assimilate Starship
Bajoran Resistance Cell
Beware of Q
Establish Gateway
Harness Particle 010
HQ: Defensive Measures
Operate Wormhole Relays
Organ Theft
Salvage Starship
Seek Hidden Reliquary
The Inner Light
Visit Cochrane Memorial

[Baj] Personnel: Bajoran (4)
Akorem Laan
Kira Nerys (Deep Space Nine)
Teero Ayandis

[Bor] Personnel: Borg (5)
Five of Fourteen
Gowron of Borg
Six of Eleven
Third of Five
Tomalak of Borg

[Car] [NA] Personnel: Cardassian/Non-Aligned (1)

[Dom] Personnel: Dominion (1)
Founder Leader

[Fed] Personnel: Federation (13)
Admiral Janeway
Admiral Riker
Ambassador Sarek (Homefront II)
Dr. McCoy (The Trouble with Tribbles)
Ensign Tuvok
Lt. Uhura (Through the Looking Glass)
Lwaxana Troi (Premiere)
Sam Lavelle
Tasha Yar - Alternate
Wesley Crusher (Premiere)

[Fed] [NA] Personnel: Federation/Non-Aligned (1)

[Fer] Personnel: Ferengi (2)

[Kli] Personnel: Klingon (3)
Captain B'Etor

[NA] Personnel: Non-Aligned (8)
Cyrus Redblock
Regina Barthalomew
Vic Fontaine

[Rom] Personnel: Romulan (1)

[Rom] [Fed] Personnel: Romulan/Federation (1)
Major Rakal

[SF] Personnel: Starfleet (15)
Charles Tucker III (Enterprise Collection)
Chief Engineer Tucker
Crewman Biggs
Elizabeth Cutler
Emory Erickson
Ensign Kelby
Ethan Nokakovich
Hoshi Sato (Enterprise Collection)
Jeremy Lucas
Jonathan Archer (Enterprise Collection)
Malcolm Reed (Enterprise Collection)
Maxwell Forrest (Enterprise Collection)
Phlox (Enterprise Collection)
T'Pol (Enterprise Collection)
Travis Mayweather (Enterprise Collection)

[Q] Q Events (2)
Amanda's Parents
Q's Fantasy Women

[Bor] Ships: Borg (3)
Borg Cube
Locutus' Borg Cube
Queen's Borg Cube

[Car] Ships: Cardassian (1)

[Dom] Ships: Dominion (1)
Dosi Trade Vessel

[Fed] Ships: Federation (2)
U.S.S. Danube
U.S.S. Oberth

[Kaz] Ships: Kazon (1)
Kazon Warship

[Kli] Ships: Klingon (1)
I.K.C. Bortas

[NA] Ships: Non-Aligned (1)

[SF] Ships: Starfleet (1)

[Vul] Ships: Vulcan (1)

[DS9] Sites (2)
Docking Ports

[Tac] Tactics (2)
Picard Maneuver
T'Pol/Soong Maneuver

[P] Time Locations (4)
22nd-Century San Francisco
Drone Control Room
Halkan Council
MACO Training Camp
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By jrch5618
 - Delta Quadrant
My list is now complete to the best of my knowledge. Any preferences on how to improve it? Would a full-out before and after work better than the strikethrough/bold thing I have going on? And would you like the Conversion Rulings errata detailed in here as well?

I'll keep this updated as new errata is published. I hope you find it useful.
User avatar
By VioletBlaze (Violet Edgar)
 - Beta Quadrant
Wow, this is really impressive!
If the admins agree, I think this is worth a sticky. Or perhaps a conversion to PDF to be posted somewhere on main page?
User avatar
By Iron Prime (Dan Van Kampen)
 - Delta Quadrant
BCSWowbagger might like to put it in his unofficial-but-awesome-anyway online rulebook too.

I know there is a PTFI emoticon dance for rules questions, not sure about a BCSWowbagger emoticon dance though. Let's try this:
:thumbsup: 8) [HA] [SF] [SD] [TNG] [Down] :twocents:
User avatar
By Smiley (Cristoffer Wiker)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
Would I be ok? =)

I think we could make a document Of this too. I'll look into it. =)
User avatar
By Iron Prime (Dan Van Kampen)
 - Delta Quadrant
Smiley wrote:Would I be ok? =)
You're omnipresent so I chose to forgo a dance.... :cheersL:
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By Boffo97 (Dave Hines)
 - Gamma Quadrant
Just about perfect. The only thing I would add is reasons for the errata, even if the vast majority would be "Proofreading fix", "Clarification of gameplay" or "Nerf".
By jrch5618
 - Delta Quadrant
Sure. I can do that. Is my current way of presenting the changes good, or would it be a better read if I did a complete before-and-after changes to the relevant parts of the cards? And I think I'll throw in the errata mentioned in the conversion rules as well - it can't hurt.

Any 2EBC cards (not converted) that I missed in this?
User avatar
By golden flamingo (Richard Crandall)
 - Beta Quadrant
This is awesome work! It's a lot of fun to read through all of the errata and see the reasoning behind it.

I'm unclear about something mentioned in the errata, and I was hoping that someone could explain it to me. In the errata for the [Int] Q2, for instance, I see that a 0 point box was added to "prevent recycling," but 1) I don't know what "recycling" means in this context, and 2) I don't understand what function a 0 point box can perform in any case.
By jrch5618
 - Delta Quadrant
Amanda, Kevin, and Q2 were changed in that manner.

It means that if you use them, they're put into the bonus point area so you can't use them again (there's ways to get cards out of your discard pile).

It's also a nerf to Oof!. Oof! now can only punish you for a successful use of Amanda/Kevin/Q2, not just one that happened to get into your discard pile.
User avatar
By golden flamingo (Richard Crandall)
 - Beta Quadrant
Oh cool, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks! :cheersL:
By Klauser
 - Beta Quadrant
jrch5618 wrote: ...

[Inc] The Kazon Collective
Gametext - Seeds or plays on table. Your Kazon affiliation may mix with one additional affiliation (may be changed at any time), may attempt [NA] missions, and is immune to assimilation. Once each turn, if you have a Maje in play, you may report another Kazon of his sect for free. OR Plays on your Kazon Warship. Your [Kaz] Personnel and Ship cards (except other Warships) may report aboard.
Reason - Nerf. Removed universal treaty.

[Inc] The Vidiian Sodality
Gametext - Seeds or plays on table. Your Vidiian affiliation may mix with one additional affiliation (may be changed at any time) and may attempt [NA] missions. Once each turn, you may report either a MEDICAL-classification Vidiian or a MEDICAL-related Equipment card for free. OR Plays on your Vidiian Cruiser. Your Vidiians may report aboard.
Reason - Nerf. Removed universal treaty.
Excellent list - thanks jrch5618 !!

It reminded me about a long standing question I've had ...

Given the state 1E was in after Decipher stopped supporting it, I perfectly understand why the "may mix with one additional affiliation" text was removed from these cards. (One thrashing by a DQ Kazon/Klingon deck made it clear how broke that concept was!)

However, given the low numbers of missions with Kazon or Vidiian "flags", does anyone know the reason for removing the "may attempt [NA] missions" ability?
User avatar
By Iron Prime (Dan Van Kampen)
 - Delta Quadrant
Probably because of Equinox.
User avatar
By Boffo97 (Dave Hines)
 - Gamma Quadrant
I would think it's just because the DQ has *excellent* NA support between the Equinox crew, Maquis, and the rest of their NA.

If you really wanted to do NA missions, one would think it wouldn't be a huge bother to throw at least one (if not a few) of those NA folks in there.

Plus, you could argue that, at the time, maybe new players didn't have access to either enough [Kaz] and/or [Vid] or enough [1E-DQ] [NA] folks. Neither are an issue now of course.
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