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By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Welcome to today's First Edition Friday Question, where you get a chance to answer questions that will help shape the future of First Edition. This is the fourth installment of this series, and so far I think it's been going well. If you want to read up on or answer previous questions, here's a list:
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It's time to talk about Star Trek. With ten movies and five series worth of episodes to cover, there are always going to be stories that aren't used as much as others. Today's question is about those stories.

Which Star Trek stories need more cards?

Obviously, there are some objective answers to this question. If you look at our Image Sources tool, you can find episodes that don't have any cards in any of the games, such "Miri" from the first season of TOS, "Projections" from the second season of Voyager. There are even more episodes that only have one card, or only cards for 2E instead of any for 1E.

But there's more to this than the numbers, as our goal isn't just to make all the possible cards, or an equal number of cards from each episode. Are people clamoring for more cards from "Metamorphosis" from the Original Series? Or, in spite of it's popularity, are we really in need of more cards from TNG's "Yesterday's Enterprise"? What are your favorite stories that are missing from the cards in First Edition?

That's this week's question. Which Star Trek stories need more cards? And let us know why you're putting up the suggestions you are! Is your favorite story missing? Are there 2E cards from a beloved episode we don't have in 1E? Or do you just think it would be funny to see The Riddler on a card? Your reasons are all valid, and we want to know!

Have a great weekend! This weekend is First Weekend, First Edition. If you play 1E, build decks, test decks, or anything in that space, post about it. If you post here on the forums, on The Dojo, on Facebook, or on Twitter with the hashtag #showusyourspaceline, you can win a fabulous prize!

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By sexecutioner (Niall Matthew)
 - Gamma Quadrant
1E European Continental Semi-Finalist 2019
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Year of Hell or Q-Who are stories I'd love to see.

These two are in my top 5 episodes :)
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Director of Operations
By JeBuS (Brian S)
 - Director of Operations
MidnightLich wrote:Or, in spite of it's popularity, are we really in need of more cards from TNG's "Yesterday's Enterprise"?
Yes, we are. I would argue that the cards we do have from YE don't actually depict the "story" well. Most of the cards we have from the episode are hardly ever used, mostly because they don't do much of interest or impact. The story isn't being told in a way that anyone wants to experience. Which is a shame because it is a popular episode.
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First Edition Rules Master
By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
 - First Edition Rules Master
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With the caveat that I am always, always someone who would rather see a story done really well, comprehensively, and immersively than done quickly...

The Xindi Arc

The Dominion War

The Prophets (Subtheme: versus the Pah-Wraiths)

The Maquis (we have three subfactions, all too small to quite actually function) (Subtheme: Eddington v. Sisko & Program Insurrection Alpha)

The Homecoming / The Circle / The Siege

Project Pathfinder

Andorians. Just... Andorians. (One of maybe two or three conceivably possible affiliations remaining.)

"Space Seed"

"Course: Oblivion"

[1E-DS9] Klingons, from intra-house politics to their glorious battles in the War.

"Year of Hell."

...I'd actually be unhappy to see one-offs done for any of these. I really want them to be covered in detail, like, one set a piece, which, yes, means I'll be waiting here for 20 years.
Off the top of my head, I've always thought that Return of the Archons is an underserved episode with a lot of potential.
Really? I always viewed this episode as the "Spirit Folk" of TOS: it highlights, in sharp detail, every single one of the show's biggest flaws.
By Spectre9
 - Beta Quadrant
Rain Robinson :P

Future's End 2 parter from Voyager season 3

There were actually 2 cards made by CC Dial-Up and Distracted by Thoughts of Home

I guess it's in the Voyager to-do list which is being kicked down the road.

The Siege of AR-558 has 1 card and it's the mission card. 1E anyway looks like 2E got all the love here. Disgraceful.

In fact looking at season 7 in general (and late season 6) it looks like it was underdone. Looks like the core set for DS9 was released before season 7 was made. Weird stuff. A bit of effort was done to squeeze content into Tribbles and Holodeck. It seems to me when the CC went to make their DS9 block they focused on the same era of the original core set. Not a criticism just an observation. They did revisit with Metamorphosis and add some cool later era stuff.

Season 3 of Enterprise is a bit of a void. I assume this is intentional and the whole Xindi arc will be given some love at some point.

Nemesis could do with a little filling out not that the movie offers that much. It's just so hard to use TNG movie property stuff because Continuing mission only lets you play with Generations. And EE uses [EE] and first contact set icon which kinda leaves Nemesis in some weird limbo area.

It's very difficult to pick on anything from the TNG tv show because out of everything this is what has been done the most. The first 3 sets were almost exclusively TNG including the bumper sized premiere.


-Future's End
-Late era DS9
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
Futures end.
Year of hell. And the Kes going backwards version of it too!
Yesterdays enterprise. The Alternate Universe stuff would be awesome.
Insurrection alpha. A holographic infiltrator Seska would be awesome!
Klingon cardassian war.
The Marquis. More. All. Go.
Non sequitor. More. I see it as another infinity time location. Gimme a Kim and his runabout for Thomas Paris to fly. And some way to Get Back.
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 - Delta Quadrant
bhosp wrote:D

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Hotel royale

You already got a freeplay engine in the game. It would be nice to have personnel to use it. It would be nice to have other cards based around that episode too.

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