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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Welcome to today's First Edition Friday Question, where you get a chance to answer questions that will help shape the future of First Edition. If you'd like to catch up on previous entries, here's a list of all of my previous Friday Questions:

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Have you been watching Star Trek: Picard? I have, and for the most part I've really been enjoying it. Mostly I'm annoyed at some of the pacing and some of the modern TV "requirements" that are included, but overall I'm really happy. But don't worry, there will be no spoilers here - though it did get me thinking about sequels, and that inspired today's question.

Which Decipher expansion most deserves a sequel?

You can define sequel in this context however you'd like - a direct follow up, or a modern re-interpretation. In fact, one could argue that Decipher made sequels to their own products. For example, what was Enhanced First Contact if not a sequel to First Contact? And the CC has done similar things, with expansions like Straight and Steady directly following up on Decipher's Enterprise Collection.

But as I'm deep into planning out years of new First Edition content, I'm curious to see which sequels you guys would like to see? Is there a favorite theme from a Decipher product you'd like to see us develop in a new virtual expansion? Are you dying for an OTSD II? Or Reflections 3? Maybe you just have to know what a follow up to Blaze of Glory would look like. No matter your reason, no matter your definition of sequel, we want to know which Decipher expansion you think most deserves a sequel?

And for the record, here's a list of what I consider Decipher expansions:

Alternate Universe
Q Continuum
Introductory 2-Player Game
First Anthology
First Contact
Fajo Collection
Away Team Pack
Official Tournament Sealed Deck
Deep Space Nine
Starter Deck II
Enhanced First Contact
The Dominion
Blaze of Glory
Rules of Acquisition
Second Anthology
The Trouble With Tribbles
Enhanced Premiere
Mirror, Mirror
The Borg
Holodeck Adventures
The Motion Pictures
All Good Things
Enterprise Collection

I had a blast thinking up sequel ideas just typing out that list. I can't wait to see what you guys cook up. Thanks for reading, and please post your thoughts if you have time. In any case, have a great weekend.

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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
Community Contributor
1E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
Blaze was the first that came to mind. Battle is part of the game, but anything that can add depth and flavor to it would be good (rather than "I fly over, I shoot you, you're dead." Which is approximately zero fun.

I think follow ups to Deep Space Nine and The Motion Pictures are already on the board, and I support both efforts.

I think my personal favorite choice for a follow up is Q Continuum. I think Q Flashes can be made more interesting, I think there's a lot of Q-Centric material that hasn't been explored yet (especially on the Voyager side of things), and it's the one set that I think needs a sequel where nothing much has been done to date to pursue, so yeah, that's my vote.

[Q] [Q] [Q]
 - Alpha Quadrant
Blaze of Glory for me. That was a time of some of the most interactive games I can remember.

Tactics turned battles from foregone conclusions to fun interactions.
Tactics let a normal hit still have consequences.
Tactics let a defensive deck have a chance against an aggressor.
Tactics had/still have some of the best art in the game.

(Edit: I also second the mention of Q Continuum. I want more Q-Flashes)
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First Edition Rules Master
By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
 - First Edition Rules Master
Community Contributor
I should probably think about this more, but I'm going with my gut:

Blaze of Glory.

Blaze introduced a lot of stuff. It created tactics. In the process, it overhauled the space battle rules in a big way. It radically revised the capture rules so that capture is much closer to how it "really would work" on the show. It introduced a ton of stuff to work with those new capture rules. It did not overhaul the personnel battle rules (that happened in First Contact), but Blaze of Glory was the first set to consciously take advantage of that.

And then... a lot of that space remained unexplored. We still churn out a tactic from time to time, but there's big gaping holes in the design space tactics could be exploring. (Where are the defensive tactics for less aggressive decks? Why are so many space battles so lopsided, with aggressors wielding the full range of Tactics + enhancements while defenders are often just using base SHIELDS? In an ideal, well-balanced environment, would -- and I admit this is a more radical question -- rotation damage still be part of the rules at all?)

There was an exploratory design project aimed at doing something separate but tactic-like for away teams, but I don't think it really went anywhere. (And I think adding another side deck would be a mistake anyway -- just put A.T. tactics in the BBD deck and adjust the draws accordingly.) Personnel battle in general really sucks right now, because whoever brings four hand weapons always mortally wounds the entire defending away team, eliminating the gamesmanship Decipher sought with the personnel battle overhaul. The capture rules were very elaborate, but ended up being used by a very niche collection of decks. Do they need to be so elaborate? Can there be stronger affiliation flavor around both how affiliations capture and what they do with their captives?

I think of BoG as an expansion set that revamped aggression for aggressors. Basically, I think a sequel set that revamped aggression for everybody else would have a tremendous amount of potential, and vast tracts of design space worth exploring.

EDIT: ALSO, isn't there a chance that it would be extremely fun for ship battles to work more like personnel battles? That is, instead of having all Team A's WEAPONS pointed at a single ship on Team B, and all Team B's WEAPONS pointed back at a single ship on Team A, what if some of the ships paired off for one-on-one engagements?
By Spectre9
 - Beta Quadrant
Holodeck Adventures

Maybe the game doesn't exactly need more holograms but there is plenty of design space still there.

The Killing Game from Voyager comes to mind.

I would also be very happy to see Flotter as a card. Could even add in the Flotter doll Neelix made.

Also it should be said there are only 8 holoprograms in the entire game.

Would be cool to get some stuff with more utility and usefulness to the modern game that helps augment playing non-holos in the same way of Holoprogram: Cafe des Artistes
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Director of Organized Play
By LORE (Kris Sonsteby)
 - Director of Organized Play
Alpha Hunter
1E North American Continental Champion 2019
1E The Neutral Zone Regional Champion 2020
2E Andoria Regional Champion 2020
W.C.T. Chairman's Trophy winner 2014-2015
Blaze of Glory for all the reasons mentioned above.

OTSD is a close 2nd because I think we could do better than they did using the PAQ era tools made in The Next Generation and follow up Coming of Age expansions.
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By Pazuzu
 - Delta Quadrant
Just to throw in another idea: Reflections. A community curated set of cards with new alternate images and nice foils :) But I also think BoG deserves it.
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By Iron Prime (Dan Van Kampen)
 - Delta Quadrant
BoG for all the reasons above.

My second choices are DS9, Dominion, or QC.

Nors and Q Flashes need some love - maybe total overhauls. And right now Dominion are very difficult to pilot for any but the most dedicated players. I would like to see that barrier to entry brought down a little. Bonus points for any polish that can be applied to infiltration...

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