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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Welcome to today's First Edition Friday Question, where you get a chance to answer questions that will help shape the future of First Edition. If you'd like to catch up on previous entries, here's a list of all of my previous Friday Questions:

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Hello all, and welcome back to Friday, and with it comes another question. But first, I want to remind you that I'm holding an Office Hours live stream tomorrow at 9 AM Pacific. You can join me to talk about 1E, ask questions, chat with other viewers, and more. It should be a fun hour and give us all something to do in times of trouble.

Today's question is about your favorite story - but one that didn't land right for you in the world of First Edition.

What card story needs a "do-over"?

This question is inspired by a discussion on The Dojo, a Discord discussion group. In the First Edition channel over there, a user - @Tosk - was unhappy with the story on the card "We Are the Metrons". I'm paraphrasing his argument, so forgive me @Tosk if I misrepresent you, but he felt that the card, while mechanically fine, had nothing to do with the story of the card. That got me thinking about other cards that had stories on them that felt off, or cards with cool stories that ended up being mechanically flat.

So that's the inspiration for this week's question: what card's story just doesn't work for you? Which ones would you like to see redone or mixed up in the future? Your answers can and should be personal, as all of us have different tastes. And this isn't meant to be an exercise attacking the work of our Art and Creative teams, because I think we can all agree they do fantastic work. But nobody is going to like every decision made, and that's the space I want to explore - I want to find what cards, in your minds, needed a different story. Or, which stories deserve some better cards.

Have a great weekend! I hope to see you for Office Hours tomorrow. Then, on Monday, July 6th, there will be a printable card update, new promos, and the monthly balance changes. Beyond that, there are more amazing things that I can't wait to share with you.

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By Takket
 - Delta Quadrant
I wrote about Canar here a few years ago:


Here's what I said:


Immediately play on one female personnel. Specify one male personnel at a different location. If those two personnel are ever present together, discard both.

Oy… what a mess……. First off, this is one of the worst Trek sense cards I’ve ever seen. The Canar created an empathic bond between two persons in love. So… Decipher responds by basically making this card add nemesis icons to one man and one woman? HUH? They discard each other like mortal enemies? Also the lore says it is “glowing”. It isn’t glowing in the photo. This card annoys me, besides basically only discarding two personnel IF your opponent is dumb enough to place them at the same location. Just about useless. You can try discarding one personnel by placing it on one opponent’s personnel and one of your personnel, but then you still need to get them together, and you lose your personnel.
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By Comicbookhero (Michael Moskop)
 - Ambassador
Ooh ooh I have one because I designed it! Unorthodox Preservation!

When I designed the card, I even did the Creative for it too. I intended the card to be called something like "Feeling Cramped" and to show Ezri and Garak having to sit on a holographic ledge to help with his claustrophobia from the episode "Afterimage." Hence the need for 2 Anthro for good counseling, OFFICER and Empathy for a very specific counselor, and Ezri's holographic answer to the problem. Somehow, when the card actually did go to the Creative Team, they only got the play text and none of the intended story and when the set was released, I saw they came up with something else entirely.
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By geraldkw
 - Beta Quadrant
Ressikan Flute

This card doesn't have anything to do with what it was in the story. Since we have The Inner Light this card should be changed to work with that and not be a silly bonus point gimmick.

One thing the flute should certainly do is given someone Music (Kamin if possible, otherwise someone else).

Also it should do something good, since it is an artifact after all even if it's a free-ish seed.
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By TyKajada (Alexander Schmitz)
 - Beta Quadrant

Agreed that art/lore is usually on top of things, actually to 98% of the time, great job.

However, I really dislike the "no cards in hand" events having a TNG logo and image, ... has nothing to do with the affiliation they are made for: Starfleet.

I wish there were at least promos that have an Enterprise image and logo.
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By Cartagia
 - Beta Quadrant
Barash and his icon. It's a holdover from the pre-Objective and Incident days. It's too niche of an icon to need an entire mechanic and rules entries about it. Remade today it'd almost certainly just be [1E-AU] alongside a partner card.

And the opposite issue for Garak. Never liked that he had the [1E-AU] icon. It's tough to design around and still make Trek Sense, but always thought [Holo] made more sense even if it's not perfect.
 - Alpha Quadrant
Card's from Time's Arrow. Devidian Door. It should let your personnel travel to a time location, maybe even download the Devidian Foragers and/or maybe even other characters from Time's Arrow, or just 'the past' in general, if possible. Ophidian Cane should be a 'use as equipment' Artifact that recycles time travel cards, keeps them in play, downloads them, something interesting like that. I'd really like to see a boutique set for Time's Arrow... Mr. Data, an alternate universe persona of Data's Head and Data's Body...

Cards from Yesterday's Enterprise. USS Enterprise-C and crew might qualify for [CF] , but I could see counter arguments for that. Anyways, the cards we have are early Decipher, not only is there still so much missing, but the cards we do have are outdated, and somewhat plain and dull.

The Alien Progenitors (Tomek and Jera, aka 'Tom and Jerry').
Major Rakal, new AU persona as the 'real' Major Rakal and a non-au infiltrator
Stephan DeSeve
Time Travel Pod makes no sense, to me at least
Horga'hn should really create romantic partners, IMO

Just some ideas
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 - Alpha Quadrant
A friend had a great idea.

We need two-sided cards (in the same vein as Mission II cards) but for personas. The idea would be to use story/lore elements that "trigger" the flip. One idea might be Jean Luc First Contact but when a borg ship or borg ship dilemma enters play, the card flips to the more aggressive Jean Luc that specifically combats the borg.

I can see this as a reprint of some of the existing personas, but also a source of a whole new breed of cards from memorable Star Trek episodes.

So, like Capt Janeway normal that flips to a persona when Particle 010 is played.

Worf normal that flips if Jadzia is killed.

Etc etc. The possibilities are vast.
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