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By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Welcome to today's First Edition Friday Question, where you get a chance to answer questions that will help shape the future of First Edition. If you'd like to catch up on previous entries, here's a list of all of my previous Friday Questions:

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Hello all, and welcome back to Friday, and with it comes another question. And today, we're doing something a little different - we want your help to name a Klingon in the upcoming Project Londo. This is the upcoming third [OS] expansion, focused on the [Kli] and as you might guess, there are a few new unnamed Klingons that are in need of a name. The Creative Team thought it might be fun to ask you for your ideas. So I guess, in a way, this is the first contest to appear in the Friday Question!

What would be a good name for a universal male [OS] Klingon?

Feel free to do some research and suggest names from alternative sources, although we can't guarantee that the name will match up to a particular character. We encourage you to make up a name of your own and make it as Klingon as you like. We have a few male Klingons in Project Londo, and don't know which one this will end up on. Most likely, our Creative Team will find the character that best fits the name and go with that combo.

So fire up your brains and come up with some Klingon names. I'd like each of you to submit up to three (3) suggestions each. The Creative Team will take the list of submissions and vote on their favorites. If your name ends up chosen, then we'll hook up with a release promo for Project Londo along with another special surprise.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend. There are quite a few announcements coming Monday, so stay tuned.

By Klauser
 - Beta Quadrant
Here are some of the names I made up for custom cards years ago for our local group. Yours to use if you like 'em ...

From Season 3's Day of the Dove episode:

Ref: ... _personnel

- Kellet (Memory Alpha Klingon Crewman #14) - Used the last name of the actor.
- Vo'Kell (Memory Alpha Klingon Crewman #3)
- Kina (Memory Alpha Klingon Crewman #15) - can't find the source, but my notes indicate he was named as Kangs first officer in a novelization or short story ...

And you didn't ask, but:
- Kitryn (Memory Alpha Female Klingon Crewman #6) - variation of my daughter Katherine's name
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By Boffo97 (Dave Hines)
 - Gamma Quadrant
BCSWowbagger wrote:Klingon McKlingface
You bring honor to the House of Boaty McBoatface.

Also reminds me of the times I had fun with an MLP-loving SpEd student (and sometimes distracted her from whatever issue she was fixating on) by referring to Twilight Sparkle as Sparkle McSparkleface.
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