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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
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1E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
Hey all-

I am looking for a way to make 1E more new player friendly at the local tournament level.

I have a few guinea pigs guests coming in a couple weeks and I'd like to run an event with the Coming of Age Decks and swap in The Squire's Rules and a bunch of dual dilemmas.

The problem is I don't want to create an unbalanced dilemma situation. Does anyone have any suggestions for a 30ish dual dilemma pool that I can use with these advanced starter decks that will strike that precious balance of challenging enough to make them work, but not so challenging as to make it impossible and unfun?

I'll probably also swap out the stealable missions and HQ: Defensive Measures for OTF-proof missions - again, we're looking to keep this as new-player-friendly as possible.

Any thoughts, advice, or specific card change recommendations are very much appreciated.

Thanks all!

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By KazonPADD (Paddy Tye)
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I think just adding HQ: Defensive Measures will be enough to guard against mission stealing, as there's no Espionage cards in the starters. No need to swap missions then.

I would suggest adding A Second Chance At Life in case the dilemmas end up exhausting your supplies of the necessary skills. I'd also avoid Chula: The Door, In The Pale Moonlight (only Vekor would get the Feds through it) and Incentive-Based Economics (Ferengi have no Honor and no Youth).

My picks would be:

Archaic Ritual
Assassin's Blade
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease
Berserk Changeling
Chula: The Game
Crippling Injury
Dangerous Liaisons
Dead End
Eminian Disintegration Protocol
Experience Bij!
Faux Pas
Female Love Interest & Garbage Scow
Ferengi Infestation
Friendly Fire
Hunter Probe
Kazon Bomb
Lack of Preparation
Linguistic Legerdemain
Misinterpreted History
Poor Quality Workmanship
Remat Detonator
Rules of Obedience
Scientific Method
Shuttle Crash
Spatial Rift
Symbalene Blood Burn
Thasian Powers
The Higher... The Fewer
White Rabbit

I'd also avoid [1E-AU] dilemmas like Quantum Leap unless you also add an appropriate doorway.
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By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
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I have discovered that I don’t like Dead End with The Squire. It usually ends up somewhere that it doesn’t help or actively helps my opponent, like the time it ended up before Experience BiJ! at the mission my opponent attempted last.

Sad trombone.
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By VioletBlaze (Violet Edgar)
 - Beta Quadrant
jadziadax8 wrote:Sad trombone.
Or, as Riker would say, sad 'bone.

I like this idea a lot! When I was teaching the game I felt like Dilemmas took up a lot of time that could have been spent elsewhere. For a new player, getting them into the "meat" of the game is very important, and The Squire's Rules mean there's less having to worry about good combos and proper placement.
I might even throw in an Artifact so there's still <I>some</I>thing to do in the Dilemma phase (plus to add some excitement from getting them). Will be following this thread closely.

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