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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Welcome to today's First Edition Friday Question, where you get a chance to answer questions that will help shape the future of First Edition. If you'd like to catch up on previous entries, here's a list of all of my previous Friday Questions:

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27 SEPT 2020: What reasons do you use to re-engage older players?
18 SEPT 2020: What are you looking forward to in A Private Little War?
11 SEPT 2020: What old decks/themes do you want us to revisit?
4 SEP 2020: Should tactics continue to target sites on a Nor?
21 AUG 2020: Should you have to be in Ops to return fire on a Nor?
14 AUG 2020: How should we name the Excalbians?
7 AUG 2020: Which ship needs a new card?
31 JULY 2020: Which boutique expansion should we make first?
24 JULY 2020: Do you want to see Xindi introduced to 1E?
17 JULY 2020: What makes a good expansion name?
10 JULY 2020: What would make good theme packs in a Cube draft?
3 JULY 2020: What would be a good name for a Klingon?
26 JUNE 2020: Which card story needs a "do over"?
19 JUNE 2020: Which card do you most want to see added?
12 JUNE 2020: Why do you play First Edition?
5 JUNE 2020: What is 1E's biggest barrier to entry?
29 MAY 2020: What do you think of [SPOILER], a potential card from Project Londo?
22 MAY 2020: What is the worst affiliation in the game?
15 MAY 2020: Should bans be effective immediately?
8 MAY 2020: Which episode should inspire a boutique expansion?
1 MAY 2020: What was the best Star Trek gift you ever received?
24 APR 2020: How often do your [BB] dilemmas get scouted?
17 APR 2020: What do you want to know about how we work?
10 APR 2020: Should we make animated series cards?
3 APR 2020: Should we make more Tribbles/Troubles?
27 MAR 2020: Should we develop new [Q] cards?
20 MAR 2020: What regions should we focus on in the future?
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6 MAR 2020: What are your favorite "almost good" S/P dilemmas?
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21 FEB 2020: Which Decipher expansion most deserves a sequel?
14 FEB 2020: Which "broken link" should be fixed first?
7 FEB 2020: What's your favorite episode of Star Trek?
31 JAN 2020: Which TOS main character needs a new card?
24 JAN 2020: What should qualify a card for the "watch list"?
17 JAN 2020: What card would you unban without changes?
10 JAN 2020: What single card would you ban to improve your game?
3 JAN 2020: What are you looking forward to in The Neutral Zone?
27 DEC 2019: How can we help you recruit new players?
20 DEC 2019: Where do you want the game to be in five years?
13 DEC 2019: Which concepts should 1E "import" from other games?
6 DEC 2019: Which couples should get a dual personnel card?
29 NOV 2019: Which old, unused 1E cards deserve some love?
22 NOV 2019: Which upcoming milestones need celebration?
15 NOV 2019: What's your favorite card image?
11 NOV 2019: What was your first 1E experience?
1 NOV 2019 What is your opinion of the "full page" policy?
25 OCT 2019: What do you want to see in a Halloween set?
18 OCT 2019: What is your favorite expansion?
11 OCT 2019: Which TNG main character needs a new card?
4 OCT 2019: Which Star Trek story needs more cards?
27 SEP 2019: How many points should [SPOILER] be worth?
20 SEP 2019: Which rules always confuse you?
13 SEP 2019: What do you think of [SPOILER]?
6 SEP 2019: Which card needs an alternate image (AI)?
30 AUG 2019: Which characteristic needs love?

Happy release day! It's Friday, and not only is it time for another question, but it's the official release of A Private Little War. With it comes sixty-three (63) new 1E cards including a ton of new missions, new [Kli] [OS] personnel and tricks, and more.

It's also the third and final set in the [OS] block, and across The Cage, The Neutral Zone, and A Private Little War, we've covered a lot of content and stories from TOS. But there's a ton more out there, and today I want to know what you think we missed.

Which cards/stories/ideas from Star Trek do you feel we missed in this block?

Maybe it's some we only touched on - after all, "A Piece of the Action" only got an artifact, a mission, and one [Univ] personnel. We didn't touch the Space Hippies at all, much to my own personal dismay. What were you expecting us to do that we didn't? If we circle back to [OS] content in the future, what absolutely has to be in there?

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend, and go check out the new cards in A Private Little War!

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First Edition Rules Master
By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
 - First Edition Rules Master
Community Contributor
Khan's the obvious one for me, although we did end up with a few cards from that story.

There's still plenty of OS cards and stories I want to see someday -- it's easy to peruse an episode list and see how much material is left -- but that's fine, I'm in no rush.
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By Enabran
 - Beta Quadrant
2E World Quarter-Finalist 2019

os characters missed: ... characters

Many vilains from the episodes:
Charlie Evans
Tristan Adams
Kodos the Executioner
Benjamin Finney
Apollo and his minor gods
Ronald Tracey & Exeter
Leslie & his Fleet
Kollos, Dr. Miranda Jones and Larry Marvick
Garth of Izar

The Galileo Seven
Space Seed
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By Mr.Sloan
 - Delta Quadrant
1E Austrian National Second Runner-Up 2020

Also would love to see moralic choices where you choose something during the game with different path, depending on what you opponent does you might want to do x instead of y. [Obj] or with missions.

Also ALL remaining women, kirk had dated.

All remaining [OS] ships with the ability to download specific [Tac] .
 - Alpha Quadrant
I was hoping to see more of the corrupted aspect of Starfleet from that era, captains and admirals gone wrong, story elements that go with them. I also hoped to see more named ships, including shuttlecraft Galileo. More Khan would have been nice, too. That being said, all three sets were very well done, and I appreciate the additions they made to this whimsical era.
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