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Should the weekly column be revived?

Yes, but only when there's something to write about.
No, although one every now and again would be nice.
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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Welcome to today's First Edition Friday Question, where you get a chance to answer questions that will help shape the future of First Edition. If you'd like to catch up on previous entries, here's a list of all of my previous Friday Questions:

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16 OCT 2020: What OS cards/stories did we miss?
9 OCT 2020: What makes you happy in First Edition?
27 SEPT 2020: What reasons do you use to re-engage older players?
18 SEPT 2020: What are you looking forward to in A Private Little War?
11 SEPT 2020: What old decks/themes do you want us to revisit?
4 SEP 2020: Should tactics continue to target sites on a Nor?
21 AUG 2020: Should you have to be in Ops to return fire on a Nor?
14 AUG 2020: How should we name the Excalbians?
7 AUG 2020: Which ship needs a new card?
31 JULY 2020: Which boutique expansion should we make first?
24 JULY 2020: Do you want to see Xindi introduced to 1E?
17 JULY 2020: What makes a good expansion name?
10 JULY 2020: What would make good theme packs in a Cube draft?
3 JULY 2020: What would be a good name for a Klingon?
26 JUNE 2020: Which card story needs a "do over"?
19 JUNE 2020: Which card do you most want to see added?
12 JUNE 2020: Why do you play First Edition?
5 JUNE 2020: What is 1E's biggest barrier to entry?
29 MAY 2020: What do you think of [SPOILER], a potential card from Project Londo?
22 MAY 2020: What is the worst affiliation in the game?
15 MAY 2020: Should bans be effective immediately?
8 MAY 2020: Which episode should inspire a boutique expansion?
1 MAY 2020: What was the best Star Trek gift you ever received?
24 APR 2020: How often do your [BB] dilemmas get scouted?
17 APR 2020: What do you want to know about how we work?
10 APR 2020: Should we make animated series cards?
3 APR 2020: Should we make more Tribbles/Troubles?
27 MAR 2020: Should we develop new [Q] cards?
20 MAR 2020: What regions should we focus on in the future?
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6 MAR 2020: What are your favorite "almost good" S/P dilemmas?
28 FEB 2020: What are your favorite decks to play?
21 FEB 2020: Which Decipher expansion most deserves a sequel?
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3 JAN 2020: What are you looking forward to in The Neutral Zone?
27 DEC 2019: How can we help you recruit new players?
20 DEC 2019: Where do you want the game to be in five years?
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29 NOV 2019: Which old, unused 1E cards deserve some love?
22 NOV 2019: Which upcoming milestones need celebration?
15 NOV 2019: What's your favorite card image?
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1 NOV 2019 What is your opinion of the "full page" policy?
25 OCT 2019: What do you want to see in a Halloween set?
18 OCT 2019: What is your favorite expansion?
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4 OCT 2019: Which Star Trek story needs more cards?
27 SEP 2019: How many points should [SPOILER] be worth?
20 SEP 2019: Which rules always confuse you?
13 SEP 2019: What do you think of [SPOILER]?
6 SEP 2019: Which card needs an alternate image (AI)?
30 AUG 2019: Which characteristic needs love?

Happy Friday folks! It's a pretty good time for Nerd TV, with Season 3 of Discovery in full swing and Season 2 of The Mandolorian starting today. No spoilers here, though! And our cousins on the 2E side of things have kicked off spoilers for a new set, Apocalypse Rising. Check it out if you like DS9 and/or The Dominion.

For most of the past year and a half, with the notable exception of the last two months or so, I was writing a weekly roundup column. This column took a look at tournaments from the past week, previewed tournaments upcoming, and recapped news and discussions from the world of Trek and 1E.

Would you like to see the weekly column return?

I took a break because I was struggling to get much work done, and as I was covering as Interim Director of Second Edition and doing my normal 1E jobs, it was just too much. Plus, after a string of weeks with very little to talk about, it felt like a good time to take a break.

I know that people enjoyed the column, even if they didn't speak much about it. But I haven't had much feedback from anyone since it's been gone. I am more than willing to return to writing it - perhaps with some more guest authors or regular contributors - but I want to make sure it's something you guys would find value in. So vote, and share your thoughts!

Speaking of voting, if you're in the US and you're able to vote, please do so. It's too late to mail it in, so drop your ballot off or vote in person if you can do so safely.

Thank you for reading. If you can do so safely, go out and Trick-or-Treat tomorrow. Post pictures of your Halloween costumes! And have a great and happy celebration of my favorite holiday!

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By Keiimaster (Mathew McCalpin)
 - Beta Quadrant
I looked forward to it, with everything else being so chaotic, it was a welcome rock to cling to. Please bring it back.
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
Community Contributor
1E American National Second Runner-Up 2020
I think there's something to be said for a regular update. I know I read them.

That said, if weekly is too big a lift for your time budget, maybe a bi-weekly or monthly check-in?

The contrast of lack of this on the 2e side to the regular drumbeat on the 1e side is a striking one.
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By Iron Prime (Dan Van Kampen)
 - Delta Quadrant
I always enjoyed reading them, but I realize it is no small feat to put them out all the time. Maybe start monthly? If there is time/content you can step up the pace. It's better to add content that skip it IMHO.

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By SudenKapala (Suden Käpälä)
 - Delta Quadrant
Given the outrageously positive feedback "during life" (which you did take note of, luckily), I would think that a lack of feedback about the column's disappearance might stem from understanding, not apathy. :P

Personally, I think I'd feel monthly was too long between columns. If need be, I'd opt for continuous collection of material and pragmatic output. But bi-weekly could perhaps work, if you feel you need the structure...

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First Edition Rules Master
By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
 - First Edition Rules Master
Community Contributor
I haven't complained only because I know there's no way I could handle a weekly article on top of everything else -- so I have no right to call you out for shelving it.

The answer to "Does James want to read the weekly column?" will always be "yes," but James is not the one who has to deal with the costs. You do what you gotta do, and if that brings me sweet sweet content, aces.
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 - The Center of the Galaxy
Continuing Committee Member - Retired
Community Contributor
BCSWowbagger wrote: Sat Oct 31, 2020 3:37 pm I haven't complained only because I know there's no way I could handle a weekly article on top of everything else -- so I have no right to call you out for shelving it.

The answer to "Does James want to read the weekly column?" will always be "yes," but James is not the one who has to deal with the costs. You do what you gotta do, and if that brings me sweet sweet content, aces.
This. :thumbsup:
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