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By WeAreBack
 - Beta Quadrant
The featured card on the front page today is Caretaker's Array (maybe because of recent 2E release, maybe not). So in 2010 the following function was removed from this card.:
Once per turn a ship with fewer than four staffing icons may report with crew here (limit 3 cards aboard).
At the time, this was surely over mighty, especially since you got to use that even AFTER you seeded a [1E-DQ] ship there, likely with Home Away from Home on it to give you a free report as well.

But lets compare this to Staging Ground:
You may not report personnel for free. In place of your normal card play, you may report one [DS9] ship native to the Alpha Quadrant here with up to 3 compatible [DS9] personnel native to the Alpha Quadrant (each of a different affiliation) and up to one [Equipment] aboard.
Now, Staging Ground requires two seed cards DS9 and Reshape the Quadrant. It also requires all personnel be of different affiliations, which makes a deck using it vulnerable to The Devil. And all cards must be [DS9] (indeed, your whole deck must be.) Also, you are restricted to the Alpha Quadrant and not allowed to use Crossover.

Caretaker's Array requires just one seed card, the affiliations can all match (and likely would) and it still allows other free plays although you can only play 3 cards onboard, whereas Staging Ground allows 4, with one and only one of these being an equipment card.

But I feel like the cards are pretty close now. I feel like Caretaker Array could be reworded to say:
As long as all your missions and personnel are [1E-DQ], once per turn a ship with fewer than four staffing icons may report with crew (limit 3 cards) here.
Being restricted to [1E-DQ] is much worse than being restricted to the Alpha Quadrant, because of the Extra 40 points needed to win in OTF or You Are a Monument, so this would balance out the fact that the Caretaker Array player might still get some free plays from Home Away from Home, Museum of Kyrian Heritage, The Kazon Collective and The Vidiian Sodality. But such a player couldn't get that many other free reports because most other free report cards are incompatible with the [1E-DQ]. ( And yes, I know restricting it to [1E-DQ] has no trek-sense, since the caretaker wasn't kidnapping the local Kazons and Vidians.)

Alternatively, the free reporting function could move to a new card "The Caretaker's Array: Sample Collector" and each version made unique to prevent anyone from using this in combination with a ship that has a seeded (or downloadable) Home Away from Home on it.
I'd be interested in some mix of the following:

1. Restore the any player may relocate from the badlands and require seeding a badlands mission. - adds a cost of a mission that is hard for the CA player to get to, and promotes interaction by giving the opponent a way to come play with you if they want.

2. Report with crew, once per game?

3. Ships reported with crew come in with a [Flip]. (Promotes use of BBSD, adds cost of possibly not getting as many crew as you hoped.)

4. Ships reported with crew cannot be [1E-DQ]

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